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0Shaolin Number of participants: 1370
Experience the ethereal art, culture, and faith of Shaolin. A fascinating group of monks straight from the Shaolin monastery returns to the Czech Republic with a new program. The Shaolin monks show is one of the mysteries of the contemporary world and one of the best that China exports abroad. In this great country, teaching martial arts is one of the most prestigious jobs and studies, and Shaolin is an absolute top among the monasteries. During the performance, you will see eight-year-old benjamins as well as adult men and old men who do not perform painless theatre but set their bodies to the blows of opponents, spearheads, steel blades, or wooden rods.  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

1Events Club Forum 2024 Number of participants: 501
The Events Club Forum is the premier platform for meeting and closing deals in the meetings and events industry. Europe Congress will provide the perfect combination of what is required to achieve a successful event outcome at this last forum of the first half of the year. International event planners will descend on the Czech capital to experience an event where they will meet the best of the best from international convention bureaus, convention centers, hotels, DMCs, and other MICE suppliers. All of this is within a fully catered event program that ensures the best experience for attendees.   Registration here

2Robotic day 2024 Number of participants: 500
Robotics Day is the largest competition for amateur robots in the Czech Republic. It is organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University and the Robonika Society, with the Prague Congress Centre as the main partner. On Sunday 9 June 2024, MFF UK and Robonika will again organize Robotics Day. This year, 62 teams with a total of 280 competitors and 163 robots have registered for the 19th edition of the popular competition. There are 8 different competitions for the participants, which are also divided into two technical categories, so the audience will see a really wide range of different designs - some competitors have built a robot from a kit, and others have chosen their own design. Participants come from a total of 8 countries, and although Robotics Day is open to all ages, 80% of the participants are pupils or students, bringing the overall average age to 16.5 years. Translated with (free version)

3European Industrial Hemp Association 2024 Panorama option Number of participants: 500
We are thrilled to announce that The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) is gearing up for its 21st Annual Conference, and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before! In partnership with WAFBA (We Are For Better Alternatives) and Experience Hemp International, this conference promises to be an unmissable event for anyone passionate about the future of industrial hemp.

4ECRS-11 Number of participants: 300
The 11th European Conference on Residual Stresses is being held for the first time in the Czech Republic. Residual stresses, which arise in materials during manufacturing and subsequent processes, can exert either positive or negative effects on products. Understanding these stresses in both bulk materials and thin films is crucial. Effective management of residual stresses can lead to enhanced material and structural properties, including improved fatigue life and geometric stability. The analysis and targeted control of residual stresses, a parameter highly sensitive to micro/nano-structural changes, offers valuable insights into the history of materials and the relationship between their microstructure and properties.

5Grand finále MČR CZECH DANCE MASTERS Number of participants: 2000
The biggest dance tour in the Czech Republic!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

6Anime superstar Number of participants: 1777
Konnichiwa to all fans of Japanese animation, culture and of course music! The 38 SAMURAI Orchestra cordially invites you to a stunning visual show Anime Sympho-Show as part of their 2024 European tour. From the classic masterpieces of Hayao Miyazaki to the mystical characters of Tetsuro Araki... More than 20 soundtracks from the most famous animated series will fill the cultural space of your evening. TICKETS HERE

746th EHS annual conference Number of participants: 1000
Get ready for a groundbreaking event that will redefine the way we approach hernia surgery. The EHS 2024 (May 29–31) conference in Prague is not just about exploring cutting-edge technology and medical advancements, it is also an opportunity to connect with a global community of surgeons, patients, and industry partners.

8Cuban show Number of participants: 2764
The star of the hot, cigar-smoky nights of Cuban clubs, the No. 1 favorite of the Cuban people, the band HABANA SOCIAL CLUB has added solo dancers from the world-famous Tropicana Club for its last world tour in 2024, and thus awaits all those who want a real Caribbean experience with a special show.  TICKETS HERE

9Czech Dreamin 2024 Number of participants: 300
CzechDreamin - Imagine a day filled with insights, innovations, and interactions with Salesforce enthusiasts from around the globe, primarily from Europe. CzechDreamin is not just a conference it s a cultural experience with optional weekend activities that showcase the beauty of Czechia.

10Sandra Number of participants: 1370
Dear guests of the Sandra concert. Due to the event move from the Central Tennis Court Štvanice, your tickets do not contain information about the row and seat location. Here you will find a map that will give you an orientation regarding the location of your sector. And when you arrive at the venue, our hall service will happily help you get seated.

The duration of a concert: 180 min., break included
Sandra Cretu, born Sandra Ann Lauer, is a German pop singer, known as Sandra, who dominated the charts with her hits Maria Magdalena, In the Heat of the Night, Everlasting Love and Hiroshima. Before Sandra's performance, singer Debbi will get the audience in the right mood.  Tickets and more information

11Kids of paradise Number of participants: 1370
The duration of a performance: 240 minutes, break included
The most successful Czech musical Kids of Paradise is full of hits and celebrates 10 years! And in a big style in the Prague Congress Center. The story takes place in the second half of the 1980s on a wave of disco euphoria and then in the present.The musical will have a lot of new elements, but the audience can look forward to familiar faces such as Lukáš Vaculík, Sagvan Tofi, Martin Dejdar, Jan Kopečný, Michaela Nosková, Bořek Slezáček, Zdeněk Hrubý, Geny Ciatti and Aneta Vacek. Kids of Paradise received the prestigious Thalia Award. Information for disabled guests: please come to the Meeting point next to the info desk at entrances 2 and 3. This show is only in the Czech language.  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

12EPSC 2024 Number of participants: 200
This event will bring together the peptide community for three days of exciting talks discussing the latest technologies and research for the entire workflow of synthetic production of peptides.

13Šmoulové Number of participants: 2766
The duration of the performance: 60 min, without break
Get ready for an amazing adventure for kids! The popular musical SMURFS is about to go on tour in the Czech Republic. From April 7th, they will hit the road and visit more than 30 cities to make little fans laugh with their amazing songs. The Smurfs will put a smile on every child s face and their new show promises even more joy and fun. Children can expect a fairytale atmosphere, colorful costumes and, of course, their favorite songs. This tour is a great opportunity for little fans who want to meet their favorite blue heroes live and have an unforgettable experience full of singing, dancing and joy. Let your kids enter the world of Smurfs to experience this unforgettable adventure ride!  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

1415th Global Banking Innovation Forum_Expo Number of participants: 200
In its 15th anniversary edition, the Uniglobal Banking Innovation Forum & Expo will address pivotal industry topics, such as cybersecurity, GenAI, financial crime prevention, developments in digital identification & biometrics, innovations in payments, and emerging regulatory requirements. The event will provide a deep dive into macroeconomic dynamics shaping the industry, as well as innovative strategies targeted to improve the digital banking customer experience.

15Leoš Mareš Number of participants: 1777
The duration of a concert: 120 minutes, without break
A boy from Beroun, who first came into the limelight as a presenter, but then things went wrong and he became really famous as a singer for the first time. And also as the guy who wears fur coats. Yes, at the turn of the millennium, he was defined by THREE WORDS. Emotion, unusual and fur coat. His desire to be famous was burning, his single-mindedness fascinating. But as one of his songs goes, "He only ever wanted to introduce the stars, to show off his eloquence on stage". And that's why, as a singer, "He never experienced what touring tastes like" But NOW, now it's going to happen. Now he may have gotten his BEST IDEA. Next spring, Leoš Mareš will launch himself in an original, spectacular show, taking it straight to your cities. He's prepared a waterfall of a spectacle where you'll hear all his hits, but also songs that only connoisseurs who went through his albums in their entirety twenty years ago know. You'll experience him in all the showbiz positions you love. He still has to "rehearse all the lyrics in the evenings, practice the chorus on the radio" But it's already clear that he will captivate the audience with his energy. Of course, there will be dancers, generous stage design, many costumes and endless surprises. Come and discover "Who`s that man" in your town.  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

16Galaconcert Orchestr Karla Vlacha 03 Number of participants: 2766
The third Gala Concert of the Karla Vlach Orchestra will be packed with musical delights in the form of the most famous songs from world and Czech films and musicals performed by Tereza Mašková, Hana Holišová and Václav Noid Bárta. The whole Gala Concert III will be conducted by Adéla Gondíková. The evening will include hits from foreign films such as James Bond, Titanic, Moulin Rouge, Burlesque, Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, The Greatest Showman, Aladin, Mission Impossible and others. The programme will also include the most famous melodies of world musicals such as Cabaret, Miss Saigon, Les Misérables, Jesus Christ Superstar and Hello Dolly. Fans of Czech films and musicals such as Světáci, Šíleně smutná princezna (Madly Sad Princess), Návštěvníci (The Visitors) or Rebelové (Rebels) will also be in for a treat. TICKET GOOUT

17PETR HAPKA 80 Number of participants: 2766
A tribute to a brilliant composer and singer The genius composer and charismatic singer Petr Hapka would have celebrated his 80th birthday in May 2024. He has left behind hundreds of beautiful songs that are still played on the radio today and heard in films. Czech Radio Dvojka has therefore decided to pay tribute to this extraordinary personality of Czech music with an unforgettable concert. On 17 April 2024 at the Congress Centre in Prague at 7.30 p.m., the stars of contemporary music will sing the greatest hits of Petr Hapka, accompanied by the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Petr Malásek Band. The evening will be hosted by Václav Kopta and many surprises await the visitors.  Tickets here

18World Congress Vascular Access WoCoVA 2024 Number of participants: 1000
The WoCoVA congress, organized by GloVANet, is the biennial multidisciplinary and multi-professional high scientific event on all aspects of vascular access.

19HORIZONS - A 21ST CENTURY SPACE ODYSSEY Number of participants: 2764
Professor Brian Cox has undertaken several sell-out live arena tours, breaking a number of Guinness World Records, including for the biggest selling science tour - a record he himself broke again with his most recent worldwide tour, Horizons, which has taken in venues in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and now finally the Czech Republic. Show is in English, no translation. Show starts at 8:00 PM. Venue opens at 6:30 PM. Use of mobile phones, cameras and or any other recording devices during the show is strictly prohibited.   Tickets here

20ISHLT 2024 Number of participants: 3000
ISHLT is an international and multidisciplinary professional society representing the members of the broad health care delivery teams engaged in the management of patients with end stage heart or lung disease.

21Korncert Number of participants: 2764
After the hopelessly sold out O2 Arena, Jiří Korn is adding one more show at the Prague Congress Center at the numerous requests of his fans! The show of a magnificent elegant man, who has already been forever recorded in the history of the Czech music scene, not only thanks to his lifelong originality, the unique color of his voice, but also, above all, to his passion for musicals, dance and tap dance. After more than 30 long years of solo silence, he is coming with his spectacular solo show called KORNCERT, with which he will visit selected places throughout the country. In this way, he wants to become more accessible to everyone who has the Jiří Korn brand indelibly stored in their memory. Let s put aside the grief together, enjoy the show, which I would like to dedicate to each of you. You can look forward to a unique program, a generous set design and the professionalism of great dancers, where the main content is the ageless hits of Jiří Korn. All this in an original connection with large-scale projection. Jiří Korn was careful in the dances and created his special Windsurfing. The night will not be in the sign of the slothful, on the contrary, it will be fine. First is the training and then the show, that s why he is the captain of the board.  Tickets here

22The Little Prince Number of participants: 1777
An unforgettable story now comes to life in an unforgettable show. After sold-out performances in Paris, Sydney, Dubai and a season played on Broadway, The Little Prince, which this year commemorates its 80th anniversary of its first edition as one of the best-selling and most translated books of all time, comes to Prague on March 27, 2024. A new scenic treatment full of theatrical spectacle, dance, acrobatics and pioneering video mapping technology, which literally brings the classic adventure story loved by all generations to life. Produced by Broadway Entertainment Group, The Little Prince comes to life in a magical first-rate stage play. Experience a constellation of captivating characters and colorful costumes. Jump into a lively world of dance, music, projections and acrobatics. Immerse yourself in a unique, innovative story on stage that will touch your heart.  Tickets here

23Retail summit 2024 Number of participants: 700
The jubilee 30th edition of the top meeting of key players in the retail market, Retail Summit 2024, will take place on 25-27 March 2024, at the Prague Congress Centre. The main theme for 2024 is Opening Minds & Markets. If we want to meet the demands of our time, we need to be open to new ideas, markets and customers.

24ELCC 2024 European Lung Cancer Congress Number of participants: 1500
2022 ELCC European Lung Cancer Congress. European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) is the leading professional organisation for medical oncology, with the overarching goal of improving outcomes for cancer patients everywhere. tps://

25Voca People Number of participants: 1370
Live vocals only! No instruments or sound effects - just eight incredibly talented singers and comedians who are also skilled in the art of beatboxing. They reproduce the entire orchestra with just their voices. Award-winning, full of energy, irony and fun, this international phenomenon will bring you more than a hundred popular hits from Madonna and Michael Jackson to Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. Special attention to Mozart! For 15 months, Voca toured only in America. And then there was also the Paris race for 500 performances, then the whole of France, Belgium, Switzerland, South America, Asia, four tours in China, three in Korea and the same number in Singapore. More than 40 countries, more than 3 million tickets sold.   Tickets here

26The Dire Straits Experience /UK/ Number of participants: 1777
Almost half a century has passed since the founding of the famous British band The Dire Straits. The first big hit Sultans of Swing flew around the globe at the time and took the first places in the world charts. In the 1980s, other cult songs such as Money for nothing, Calling Elvis, Walk of Life and others followed. Dire Straits songs were among the most popular on MTV, which was the first to map the world music scene in the 1980s. The Dire Straits Experience, the group s successors after the departure of Mark Knopfler, is heading to Prague. The band s frontman is guitarist and singer Terence Rais, who is stylistically very similar to Knopfler. The line-up consists of Grammy award-winning saxophonist Chris White, Chris Whitten on drums, and Simon Carter on keyboards. During all their visits to the Czech Republic, they won fans and proved that they can play the band s cult songs in an absolutely excellent way.  Tickets here

27FOREVER - The Best Show about KING OF POP!!! Number of participants: 1777
Michael Jackson s unique show FOREVER will finally be in Prague again. Lovers of the immortal Michael Jackson can rejoice. The unique king of pop, on which new and new generations are constantly growing up, is back. The only show in the world seen and approved by the Jackson family will be seen in Prague at the Congress Center on March 13, 2024. It will be a phenomenal and unique production that pays tribute to the world s most famous musician. The show has been seen by over a million viewers worldwide and is now back with new choreography, visual effects and of course the biggest hits. FOREVER is a unique opportunity to enjoy Michael s music again thanks to a show with more than 20 artists on stage.  Tickets here

288th SSWC - Systemic Sclerosis World Congress Number of participants: 1300
We believe that the 8th World Scleroderma Congress will be a significant challenge providing the combination of hands-on workshops, lectures, oral presentations and satellite sessions will provide an exciting mix of experiences that will be put at disposal to all attendees that devote their work to people with scleroderma.

29Prime Orchestra Number of participants: 1370
The modern crossover orchestra PRIME ORCHESTRA is going on a big tour of European cities in the spring of 2024 with the new program FILM SYMPHO SHOW! FILM SYMPHO SHOW will take you to the fascinating world of cinematography, which you will encounter on a large LED screen with film format, accompanied by modern technologies, high-quality sound, a dynamic light show and live special effects. This great musical spectacle includes exclusive custom orchestral versions of the soundtracks from the most famous cult films: HARRY POTTER, STAR WARS, MATRIX, GLADIATOR, INTERSTELLAR, INCEPTION, PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN, ROCKY, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, WEDNESDAY and more.  Tickets here

30Shen Yun Number of participants: 2764
Shen Yun Performing Arts is the world s premier classical Chinese dance and music company, established in New York in 2006. It performs classical Chinese dance, ethnic and folk dance, and story-based dance, with orchestral accompaniment and solo performer

31The National Ballet of Georgia SUKHISHVILI Number of participants: 1370
During its history, The National Ballet of Georgia SUKHISHVILI has made more than 300 tours, has travelled all over 5 continents 11 times, has visited 90 countries, has held 12 000 concerts and has had more than 15 million people as their audience.  Tickets here

32Jimmy Carr: Terribly Funny Number of participants: 1775
Standup from 8:00 pm, tickets and more information on the website  Ticket

33LORD OF THE RINGS in Concert Number of participants: 1370
The legendary and fantastic world of hobbits and elves comes to life with a musical and visual performance by theLordsofTheSound.A two-hour spectacular concert featuring symphony orchestra, choir and soloists! From the joyful melodies of the hobbits to the haunting sounds of Mordor to the beautiful lyrical songs of the elves, Howard Shore s Oscar-winning music written for the famous Lord of the Rings film trilogy will be heard with new urgency, recreating the unforgettable atmosphere of Middle-earth.  Tickets and more information

34Konference SDA Number of participants: 200
Car of the Year 2024 in the Czech Republic

35Film Music Harry Potter Symphonic Tribute Number of participants: 1777
Harry Potter Symphony orchestra tribute is back with a new and even bigger magic show concert you will have the opportunity to enjoy a great event created especially for Harry Potter fans and symphonic music connoisseurs. Audiences will have the opportunity to hear the best songs from all the films about the world s most famous wizard performed live by the film s symphony orchestra.  Tickets and more information

36Primal Ritual Environment Enhancer Number of participants: 80
9. 11. 2023 - 29.2. 2024 - ReArt Yourself / Interactive installation of the Primal Ritual Environment Enhancer Be a direct part of the first public installation of the Primal Ritual Environment Enhancer (PREE), a unique interactive projector that has been in development for almost 20 years. Don t miss the extraordinary experience of interacting with PREE and see for yourself the positive impact of projection that goes far beyond visual art.  More information here.

37International Festival Ballet - největší “LABUTÍ JEZERO“ na světě Number of participants: 2764
INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL BALLET presents the largest Swan Lake in the world in Prague, Brno and Ostrava. The uniqueness of the performance will lie in the fact that the company will perform the largest Swan Lake in the world. Artistically, the ballet represents the school of classical ballet in its purest form. Strict elegance combined with modern and 21st century influences, it is above all a first class dance performance - all combined with magnificent costumes and monumental sets.  Tickets and more information

38Bonnie Tyler + Chris Norman Number of participants: 2766
Two concerts, two legends, one evening - that s Bonnie Tyler and Chris Norman in full display! Get ready for twice as much musical joy and let yourself be carried away by the legendary voices of the music world! Bonnie Tyler and Chris Norman, both with a full band and a show full of greatest hits, will perform unique concerts full of unforgettable moments and in one evening! This is simply a unique opportunity to experience two music icons in one place. Don t hesitate and book your tickets for this unforgettable evening today.  Tickets here

39Strip Story Number of participants: 2766
The show you ve been waiting for! Men4Queen is an international team of dancers whose mission is to destroy the myths about the perception of men s striptease as a vulgar spectacle and move it towards art and theater.  Tickets here

40LADY CARNEVAL a Tribute to Karel Gott Number of participants: 1370
Ladislav Bubnár and Felix Slováček jr. s orchestra, star guests, Karel Gott s greatest hits in a new version. This is LADY CARNEVAL and Tribute to Karel Gott on November 16, 2023 from 8:00 p.m. in the Congress Center Prague. Hits like I ll sweeten my coffee, I ll give you a cannon shot, Where s your little bird s nest, Bells of happiness, When a bell rings from the mountains, or Lady Carneval will be performed on November 16 at a concert in the Prague Congress Center. The name of the unique concert LADY CARNEVAL and Tribute to Karel Gott, inspired by the last mentioned song, is due to the singer Ladislav Bubnár, about whom the multiple Golden Nightingale himself he said he had a beautiful voice. The greatest hits will be heard from his mouth in a modern, fresh style. The audience will be treated to a musical treat accompanied by Felix Slováček Jr. s orchestra, complete with lighting effects and a modern stage that will correspond to the concept of the entire concert.  Tickets here

41The Magical Music of Harry Potter and The Music of Hans Zimmer & Others Number of participants: 2765
13.01.2024 16:00 The Magical Music of Harry Potter live in concert  Vstupenky zde

42Game of Thrones & the best epic film music Number of participants: 1777
Film music stars in Prague again! This time with the Game of Thrones performance. The Royal Film Concert Orchestra is back! This time, on January 12, 2024, the audience will be transported to dragons and ancient wars in the Congress Center, during the performance of the repertoire of the famous TV series. Game of Thrones and the best music from epic cinema. The performance will excite not only fans of this saga, but also adults and children. The concert is in collaboration with the Dvořák Symphony Orchestra.  Tickets
2023 Congresses and exhibitions Cultural and other events

0Špinarka Number of participants: 1200
Let s follow the career of one of our most outstanding artists. This docu-fiction drama is a celebration of the cheeky big beat, and especially of Vera, whose work defied every conceivable stereotype. It tells an intimate portrait and an epic tale of independence, intrigue, courage and the unforgettable presence of true love. Only two performances in Prague!  Tickets and more information

1GREGORIAN The Best of / World Tour - Pure Chants Number of participants: 2766
Masters of medieval chant GREGORIAN go on The Best of World Tour! The super successful GREGORIAN - The Best of, World Tour - Pure Chants returns to the Czech Republic. World hits performed by their Gregorian chant have dazzled the whole world. The original fusion of medieval Gregorian chant and contemporary pop music and rock has thrilled millions of fans around the world. The very first project of Frank Peterson, founder of the famous GREGORIAN, Enigma, topped all the charts. And this new musical trend heralded the huge success of GREGORIAN.  Tickets and more information

2Galaconcert II. of the Karel Vlach Orchestra Number of participants: 1370
The second Gala Concert of the Karla Vlacha Orchestra in a unique venue with stars of the contemporary Czech music scene. On 13 December 2023, the stars of popular music will come together to surround the audience with the Christmas atmosphere, accompanied by the Karl Vlach Orchestra. Bára Basiková, Václav Noid Bárta, Jan Bendig, the children s choir Coro Piccolo, an 18-member big band and great dance numbers will offer an unconventional take on well-known hits, gospel and other songs without which it is hard to imagine Advent. All this in great arrangements for orchestra, in conjunction with conductor Dalibor Kapras and the evening s moderator Adela Gondíková.  Tickets and more information

3Christmas in Hollywood Number of participants: 1370
Prague Pop Symphonics presents a concert of film music CHRISTMAS IN HOLLYWOOD. The most famous melodies will transport you to the world of films, which we all inherently associate with Christmas. You can look forward to more than 150 professional artists on one stage. A large symphony orchestra and a mixed choir together will present music from Home Alone, Frozen, The Grinch, Love Across the Sky, The Polar Express and many more. The Prague POPS will be led by renowned conductor Robert Kružík and will also feature singer Markéta Poulíčková. The evening will be accompanied by actress Patricie Pagáčová.  Tickets and more information

4Mireille Mathieu Number of participants: 2766
One of the greatest chanson legends in the history of world music, Mireille Matheiu, is celebrating 60 years on the music scene. That s why her new world tour is called ANNIVERSARY TOUR - 60 YEARS OF LOVE. Mireille Mathieu will perform together with her orchestra and play the greatest hits of her already 60 years long musical career. We can certainly look forward to famous songs such as: Mon credo, Qu`elle est belle, Mon bel amour d`été and many more.  Tickets and more information

5The Iluzionist Chris Stark and his show Pretender Number of participants: 1775
Chris Stark will perform in Prague with the performance Magic Show PRETENDER, full of spectacular and unbelievable illusions, which, combined with his charisma, will amaze the audience all over the world. Chris is a true phenomenon in the field of illusions, as evidenced by his reputation as a master of manipulation. His modern approach and magical speaking make his performances a unique experience for every viewer. The Magic Show PRETENDER is the story of the adventure of a young man in search of his true SELF. The experience is enriched by music and ballet, which together create a perfect and unforgettable show for the whole family. Get ready for an amazing show full of innovative magic and effects, unforgettable illusions, inexplicable disappearances, unique teleportations and mind reading.  Tickets here

6Jethro Tull Number of participants: 1777
Jethro Tull still reigns supreme as one of the most influential and beloved bands in progressive rock history. To date, the group has played over 3,000 concerts and sold over 60 million albums. Some of these albums really left a lasting mark on people s minds, such as Aqualung and Thick as a Brick. Jethro Tull is still very popular in the Czech Republic, which is why the band s founder and leader Ian Anderson always prepares a new concert program for his fans. This year the group Jethro Tull will perform on December 4, 2023 in ZONER Bobyhall Brno and on December 5, 2023 in the Congress Center Prague. Now the iconic rockers are back on tour, well rested, with new material and a new album that has been well received on the home front. The Zealot Gene s latest album made the UK Top 10. Jethro Tull are not resting! Because there s another new Rökflöte album coming out on April 21, 2023. So you can look forward to a mix of brand new material woven into some of the most progressive pieces of the band s history alongside some iconic hits.  Tickets here

7The MACHINE performs PINK FLOYD Symphonic Orchestra Live Number of participants: 1777
Although the legendary band Pink Floyd broke up long ago, its songs are immortal. Well-known rock stars will sound their tunes this year in Prague and Ostrava! Moreover, in an unusual spirit, with the help of excellent Czech musicians playing in renowned Prague orchestras such as the Czech Philharmonic, FOK or the National Theatre.  Tickets

8INSPO Number of participants: 120
Seminary - Interent and information systems for people with specific needs.  More information on the website

9LORDS OF THE SOUND - The music of Hans Zimmer Number of participants: 1775
The new generation orchestra LORDS OF THE SOUND returns to the Czech Republic with a new programme The Music of Hans Zimmer. The successful concerts of LORDS OF THE SOUND combined with the best compositions of Hans Zimmer will immerse you in an unforgettable experience of a warm summer evening, a magical fairytale atmosphere full of the beauty of the symphonic sound of your favourite songs, a rock band, vibrant visual effects, strong vocal parts of the soloists and choir, energy and unbridled positive power of the whole group!  Tickets and more information

10Voca People Number of participants: 1370
Live vocals only! No instruments or sound effects - just eight incredibly talented singers and comedians who are also skilled in the art of beatboxing. They reproduce the entire orchestra with just their voices. Award-winning, full of energy, irony and fun, this international phenomenon will bring you more than a hundred popular hits from Madonna and Michael Jackson to Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. Special attention to Mozart! For 15 months, Voca toured only in America. And then there was also the Paris race for 500 performances, then the whole of France, Belgium, Switzerland, South America, Asia, four tours in China, three in Korea and the same number in Singapore. More than 40 countries, more than 3 million tickets sold.   Tickets here

11Rhythm of the Dance Number of participants: 1777
Ireland within reach. The Rhythm of the Dance show is coming to the Czech Republic, bringing traditional Irish dance and Celtic music to life with the best dancers and musicians. Rhythm of The Dance is touring the world to celebrate its 25th anniversary and will be performing in the Czech Republic for the very first time. Filled with great musicians playing LIVE on stage, stellar vocalists and world champion tap dancers, the show delivers a completely immersive experience.  Tickets and more information

12Ludovico Einaudi Number of participants: 1775
Ludovico Einaudi, Italian pianist, composer, author of music for a number of films such as Samba and The Untouchables, returns to Prague after two sold-out concerts. The musician, who pushed the boundaries of genres with his approach and is one of the most popular and streamed composers today, will perform on 12th of November 2023 at the Congress Center Prague.  Tickets here

13The Great Gatsby Ballet Number of participants: 1370
A love story of America s lost generation based on the novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald and performed by the world-renowned Complexions Contemporary Ballet. Dedicated to the highest quality of dance, innovation and creativity, the international team is made up entirely of dancers from leading theatres and ballet companies in the US, Europe and beyond. The Great Gatsby Ballet fascinates audiences and media alike. It is breaking attendance records and is a real hit on the contemporary dance scene.  Tickets and more information

14Karel Černoch 80 Number of participants: 1777
A celebration of the late 80th birthday of the Czech music composer, guitarist, singer and actor Karel Černoch. Names such as B-Side Band, Tereza Černochová, Michal Prokop, Ondřej Ruml, Matěj Ruppert, Peter Lipa, Marie Rottrová, Bára Basiková or Leona Machálková will perform at the concert.  Tickets here

15Garou Number of participants: 1370
His performances are emotional, sensual, sincere and heartfelt. His husky voice and image as a romantic conqueror of hearts have reached women all over the world and his songs are well known to people. Thanks to the role of Quasimodo in the musical Notre-Dame de Paris, he became a world superstar and showed the depth and strength of his personality. Garou will present his greatest hits such as Belle, Gitan and Seul, which are already familiar to the audience from the first note to the last.  Tickets and more information

16Sukhishvili Number of participants: 1370
Experience Georgia s musical history for yourself! This legendary dance ensemble with a rich tradition will once again visit the Czech Republic. Unique ballet creations, accompanied by a live orchestra and impressive costumes, will completely immerse you and bring you a breathtaking experience. For several years now, you can look forward to an unforgettable combination of dance, music and artistic expression that will transport you to the depths of Georgian culture.  Tickets here

17Prime Orchestra Number of participants: 1370
Rock Sympho Show 2023 offers two hours of pure musical adrenaline with 35 musicians and singers on stage! This is a dazzling new show featuring fresh vocalists, innovative musical experiments and of course, the popular songs that have become synonymous with Prime Orchestra. The orchestra looks incredibly stylish and the combination of a mesmerising light show and special effects will have the audience in stitches as they play favourites from The Prodigy, Nirvana, The Beatles, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Mr Big, Kiss, Queen, AC/DC, Metallica, Coldplay, Evanescence and more.  Tickets here

18BOHEMIAN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA PRAGUE: Celebrating The Music Of Ennio Morricone Number of participants: 1370
Unforgettable music by one of the greatest composers performed by the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague, choir and star soloists. On October 26, 2023, the audience at the Prague Congress Center will be able to enjoy music from the films Cinema Paradiso, The Mission, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Once Upon a Time in America, The Untouchables and many others.   Tickets

19RuPaul’s Drag Race Number of participants: 1777
RUPAUL S DRAG RACE WERQ THE WORLD tour in Prague! RuPaul s Drag Race WERQ THE WORLD, the biggest drag show in the world, returns in 2023 with a new tour in more than 100 cities around the world and will perform in Prague, Congress Center on October 22, 2023. The queens of RuPaul s Drag Race must choose between the real world and the simulated reality they knew. It s the biggest and most amazing drag show on the planet. The music, sets, fashion, choreography and lighting in this show is like nothing drag fans have had the chance to see before, explains tour producer Jon Norris. Europe and Mexico will feature Angeria, Aquaria, Bosco, Daya Betty, Ginger Minj, Jaida Essence Hall, Kandy Muse and Vanessa Vanjie. VIP tickets are also available which includes a Meet&Greet with the Queens!  Tickets

20Galaevening Number of participants: 1370
Festive gala concert for the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic. A unique meeting of artists and genres of the 105th anniversary of Czechoslovakia. Come celebrate the Republic with us!   tickets

21Visegrad forum meeting Number of participants: 1500
Leading economists, current topics, insider information. The eleventh year of the Vyšehrad Forum, the largest investment conference in the Czech Republic, will bring all of this. The director of the Bohemian Empire investment fund Ing. Štěpán Pírko and co-founder and business director of Golden Gate Pavel Ryba. They will once again bring objective and comprehensible facts about current economic topics. The conference is for everyone who is interested in investments and their finances.  More information can be found on the conference website.

22IDUG 2023 EMEA Db2 Tech Conference Number of participants: 500
IT conference

23WEC 2023 (World Engineers Convention) Number of participants: 1500
The World Engineers Convention WEC 2023, organized by the Czech Union of Scientific and Technical Societies (ČSVTS) in cooperation with the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), is a place where everyone from the engineering world has the opportunity to discuss their latest knowledge and visions to contribute to the transformation of our Earth and solutions of the most critical global problems of humanity.  More on

24Eckhart Tolle Number of participants: 2700
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet Eckhart Toll, who will guide you to spiritual awakening and transformation of consciousness. With his characteristic warmth, humor and compassion, Eckhart will move us to experience the joy of being - in a state of ease, lightness and inner peace found only in the stillness of the present moment.  Tickets here

25World Road Congress 2023 Number of participants: 5000
Since its inception, the World Road Association has been at the forefront of bringing together representatives of road associations, specialists and experts from around the world. At its congresses, it promotes the exchange of knowledge, experience and the strengthening of links between its diverse membership groups.Prague 2023 – Together on the road again.  More information

26Invertase conference Number of participants: 500
Join us in unifying the Flutter & Firebase communities in the heart of Europe. F3 is a two-day event with talks, workshops, and codelabs from the leading experts in the industry. More information  HERE

27Sportovní akce Number of participants: 300
Prague 4 district invites you to Streets Sport in front of the Prague Congress Center at entrance No. 4. Performances and workshops: Streetball, Street dance, Slackline, BMX, scooters, parkour, hakis, legal graffiti workshop, table football. Live DJs. Street food.

28Food Bioactives & Health 2023 Number of participants: 400
Food Bioactives & Health 2023 will present the latest research results in the field of food bioactives such as (poly)phenols, glucosinolates, carotenoids, peptides, (poly)carbohydrates, lipids and other beneficial food components, but also contaminants and toxins in food. Contributions to the development of functional foods and dietary supplements, nutrition policy, personalised nutrition and bioavailability.  More information

29Experts Live Europe 2023 Number of participants: 500
Experts Live Europe is a community-driven tech conference focused on Microsoft technologies in the areas of cloud, datacenter, artificial intelligence, modern workplace and IT security.This year Experts Live returns for the 3rd time to the Prague Congress Center bringing together IT Professionals and tech enthusiasts from around the world.

30CHES Conference on Cryptographics and Embedded Systems Number of participants: 850
The annual Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems (CHES) is the premier venue for research on design and analysis of cryptographic hardware and software implementations. As an area conference of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), CHES bridges the cryptographic research and engineering communities, and attracts participants from academia, industry, government and beyond.  More info

31World Molecular Imaging Congress Number of participants: 1500
The World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) is organized by the World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIS) and is led by senior academic and industry professionals who have widely recognized expertise in molecular imaging.  More information

32BILL BURR Live Number of participants: 2766
From the scenes of The Mandalorian to Prague: the American stand-up phenomenon Bill Burr returns. In the most recent standup, Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks, he is as usual uncompromising and straight to the point: feminism, covid, cancel culture... He is not afraid to use strong words about the fact that things are not black and white and draw attention to the ambivalence of our quick judgments. Do you often hear words about a divided society? Burr is not afraid to unravel the paradoxes of such a label and, among other things, indirectly asks: Could a man who performs in a cotton hooded T-shirt ultimately unite us?  Tickets here

332023 Underground  Economy Conference Number of participants: 500
presented by Team Cymru

34EUROPACAT Number of participants: 2000
Over the years, EuropaCat has become a traditional meeting place for scientists and researchers from academia and industry all over Europe. Consequently, it has developed into a forum to discuss important challenges in the field of catalysis and the related industrial areas and beyond.  More information

35ICPhS 2023 International Congress of Phonetic Sciences Number of participants: 1000
The 20th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS) will be held in Prague from 7-11 August 2023 at the KCP - Prague Congress Centre, one of the modern architectural landmarks of Prague and the largest congress and cultural centre in the Czech Republic. Prague is the first city to host ICPhS repeatedly. The first congress was held in Prague in 1967, when it was only the 6th edition. The Institute of Phonetics therefore has a great opportunity to host this important congress for the second time. This congress can be described as the most important meeting of experts in its field at the international level. The programme of the congress will open over twenty interesting topics and will feature five internationally known keynote speakers, namely John Esling, Jane Stuart Smith, Andrea Ravignani, Pavel Trofimovich, Titia Benders and Paul Boersma. The theme of the congress is Intersecting Communities and Changing Cultures. The participants are experts in various areas of speech science from all over the world, from linguists and phoneticians, to psychologists and psycholinguists, to speech engineers working on e.g. automatic speech recognition or speech synthesis.  More info

36Expodia - Innovative Digital Expo 2022 Number of participants: 1000
Expodia - Innovative Digital Expo 2022 - flagship event of the Expodia agency in Prague 2022 has on board the prominent PR and marketing campaigns specialist, such as Konektor Social, bpv BRAUN PARTNERS, that provides a bridge between events and visitors - focusing on the digital world, as well, highly recommended catering partner - Zátiší Catering, that takes care of the most prominent food experiences for our guests. Least and not last - our event takes place in the Prague Congress Centre- highly experienced and qualitative venue, easy to access from Prague Airport by private or public transportation.  More information

37EuroPython 2023 Number of participants: 900
Europython 2023 - Welcome to the 22nd EuroPython. EuroPython is the largest conference for the Python programming language in Europe, and one of the largest Python conferences word-wide.

38Buddy Guy Number of participants: 1777
Buddy Guy, the legendary 86-year-old blues guitarist, singer and one of the most influential musicians in history, will perform as part of the Damn Right Farewell tour on July 16 at the Prague Congress Center. At the concert, he will play the most famous songs from his entire rich career, as well as from the new album The Blues Don t Lie, which was released this September and is again nominated for a Grammy. In front of Buddy Guy, who is still in great form and with the usual dose of showmanship, his long-time collaborator, composer and producer Tom Hambridge will appear before Buddy Guy. Tickets are available in the Ticketportal network from December 9, 10 a.m. The concert is organized by the Liver Music agency as part of the Bluesfest.  Tickets and more information

39World Dance Contest 2023 Number of participants: 650
International dance competition for children and young dancers from all countries of the world. All possible styles of dance such as Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Show Dance, Free Dance, National and Folk Dance, Hip Hop, Tap Dance, Song and Dance. Four different age groups in the categories of solo, duet, trio, group dance. Participation is open to students of dance schools and clubs who have qualified through their country s national dance competition. The best ones will of course receive awards, but the most important thing is the joy of dancing together.  More information

40Soe vision 2023 - European Society of Ophthalmology Number of participants: 1200
A Multi-Specialty in-person meeting, delivering a world class scientific programme. Offering symposia, YO sessions, workshops, live surgery, debates, mystery cases and updates on all topics

41Events Club Forum 2023 Number of participants: 500
Events Club Forum is The Meet-up & Market Place for the Event Industry and the perfect mix between B2B, exhibition,and keynotes, using your time most effectively! Events Club Forum is the event for the event industry, the event where you meet professionals only, the event where you gain within just two days, most valuable business contacts.  More information

42Robotic day 2023 Number of participants: 500
Robotic Day is an international event for presentation and promotion of robotics. The event includes contests for robots prepared by the event participants, show of various robots and robot-oriented stuff. Come to check it out on Sunday 10 AM - 6 PM.  More information

43GSC Congress 2023 Number of participants: 1800
The Global Spine Congress (GSC), organized by AO Spine, is the leading world class spine congress gathering thousands of spine surgeons worldwide. GSC provides an outstanding forum to exchange ideas, network with fellow spine professionals, and learn about the latest research and technologies in spine surgery.  More information

44Grand finále MČR CZECH DANCE MASTERS Number of participants: 2000
The biggest dance tour in the Czech Republic!  More information

45The European Conference on Social Work 2023 Number of participants: 400
Conference theme: Against all odds, a social Europe is possible, where no one is left behind!  More information

46The Brewers of Europe Forum 2023 Number of participants: 1200
A two-day fair with more than 50 vendor stands and tastings of European beers.  More information

47concert Number of participants: 2764
One of the best contemporary jazz singers will perform on May 20, 2023 in the Congress hall of the Congress Center. He will thus return to Prague after almost six years.  Tickets here

48Led Zeppelin Symphonic Number of participants: 2766
A rock band, some of London s best singers and a symphony orchestra are coming together to play Led Zeppelin s greatest hits on an epic scale. Led Zeppelin Symphonic is going on a world tour and won’t miss Prague and Brno.  Tickets here

49My Leonard Cohen Number of participants: 1777
After sold-out performances in Sydney and Edinburgh, singer and pianist Stewart D Arrietta and his band are coming to the Czech Republic for the first time to pay tribute to the blues legend Leonard Cohen. On 12/05/2023 he will perform at the Prague Congress Center.  Tickets are available at Ticketportal

50SolarWinds Empower MSP EMEA Number of participants: 500
SolarWinds Empower MSP EMEA is an educational and networking conference for managed service providers (MSPs) who use SolarWinds software. The conference is held annually and focuses on training, discussion and experience sharing among MSP professionals.  More information

51Kids of paradise Number of participants: 1370
The duration of a performance: 240 minutes, break included
The most successful Czech musical Kids of Paradise is full of hits and celebrates 10 years! And in a big style in the Prague Congress Center. The story takes place in the second half of the 1980s on a wave of disco euphoria and then in the present.The musical will have a lot of new elements, but the audience can look forward to familiar faces such as Lukáš Vaculík, Sagvan Tofi, Martin Dejdar, Jan Kopečný, Michaela Nosková, Bořek Slezáček, Zdeněk Hrubý, Geny Ciatti and Aneta Vacek. Kids of Paradise received the prestigious Thalia Award. Information for disabled guests: please come to the Meeting point next to the info desk at entrances 2 and 3. This show is only in the Czech language.  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

52Jim Jefferies Number of participants: 1775
Standup from 8:00 pm, tickets and more information on the website  Ticket

53ANIME SUPERSTARS Number of participants: 1775
Konnichiwa to all fans of Japanese animation, culture and of course music! Orchestra 38 SAMURAI cordially invites you to the stunning visual show Anime SuperStars as part of its European tour in 2023. From the classic masterpieces of Hayao Miyazaki to the mystical characters of Tetsuro Araki... More than 20 soundtracks from the most famous animated series will fill the cultural space of your evening. Music from Naruto, Attack On Titan, Howl s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Demon Slayer, Tokyo Ghoul, Domestic Girlfriend, One Punch Man, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing, Princess Mononoke, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death awaits you Note and others.  Tickets

54OCP Regional Summit Number of participants: 700
The OCP Regional Summit is a conference organized by the Open Compute Project (OCP) that focuses on technologies and standards for efficient use of data centers. This conference brings together IT professionals to share their experiences and ideas on how to improve data center utilization and contribute to greater efficiency and sustainability of IT infrastructure.More informatione  HERE

55Galakoncert Orchestru Karla Vlacha a hostů Number of participants: 1775
At the concert, the musicians will accompany, under the baton of Dalibor Kapras, singing guests led by Václav Noid Bárta, Terezá Mašková and Ondřej Ruml. Adéla Gondíková will lead the guests and the audience through a festive concert evening with her own charm and humor. The musical dramaturgy of the gala concert is preparing many surprises for the audience in the form of non-traditional duets and above all a number of brand new interpretations of famous hits by Czech stars (W. Matuška, K. Gott, J. Korn, M. Rottrová, V. Špinarová) and world stars (Abba, M. Bublé, A. Winehouse, B. Mars, J. Lopez, L. Gaga, Rihanna, A. Franklin).  Tickets

56Zažij Prahu Number of participants: 21
Take advantage of the unique opportunity to explore the interiors of the Prague Congress Centre. The neo-functionalist building hides not only many diverse halls and lounges, but also many fine works of art and architectural attractions.  Tickets here

57Joe Satriani Number of participants: 1775
This world-famous guitarist will present his new album in the Prague Congress Center presents. On the Shapeshifting Tour, Satriani will be accompanied by drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Fogerty), bassist Bryan Beller (Aristocrats) and keyboardist Rai Thistlethwayte (Thirsty Merc). The concert program will offer guitarists of now classic songs such as Surfing With The Alien, Cherry Blossoms, Always With Me, Always With You or Flying In Blue Dream as well as a few samples from his new studio album. Information for disabled guests: please come to the Meeting point next to the info desk at entrances 2 and 3.  Tickets

58Prague Students Summit Number of participants: 400
The conference is the peak of the annual activities of the Prague Student Summit, which is a unique educational project with more than twenty years of tradition. Each year more than 300 secondary school and university students gather to learn about global

59Retail summit 2023 Number of participants: 700
A summit meeting that you cannot miss. Attend a meeting of the key players of the Central European retail market. Get new information, inspiration and energy for the further development of your business. Establish new contacts, strengthen existing ones.

60Radiodays Europe 2023 Number of participants: 1300
Radiodays Europe is a major event in the Radio, Podcast and Audio World bringing together over 1,500 visitors from 65 countries over 3 days.

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