The Prague Congress Centre in the hands of film crews

Film crews love
the Prague Congress Centre

That Prague is attractive to film crews has long been a known fact. Despite the beauty of the city, there are also skilled teams here that visiting producers can rely on. Thanks to the Czech filmmaking craft and its legendary architecture, the Prague Congress Centre (PCC) located in Vyšehrad enjoys great popularity among film producers.
Boardrooms turn into central headquarters where key decisions are made. And we can see the luxurious premises of the congress foyers seen in the American series Whiskey Cavalier (2019) which moved most of the filming of both its pilot episode and the 13th episode called Czech Mate, to Prague. A good fan will also notice footage from PCC in the horror film The Omen (2006) or in the TV series Crossing lines (2013-2015) whose crew brought Donald Southerland to Prague.




Even fans of biographical sports films would find something to their taste in PCC. Filming Borg vs. McEnroe (2017), depicting the compelling story of these tennis players and their match against each other – one of the most thrilling of all time – also brought Swedish character actors Stellan Skarsgård and Sverrir Gudnason to venues such as the Chamber Hall of the Prague Congress Centre. In addition to this successful film, other cinematic work filmed at PCC that can also boast excellent ratings includes the Czech HBO series The Sleepers (2019), where you can't help but notice the most striking artwork of the Congress Centre, Woman with a Dove, as well as the iconic staircase. The Czech classic S tebou mě baví svět (I Enjoy the World with You) (1982) was also filmed here.


Czech artists like to return to the Prague Congress Centre. For example, scenes of the series Wonderful times (Vyprávěj) (2009), The Funfair has Arrived (Přijela pouť) (2018) or the film The Prague Orgy (Pražské orgie) (2019) were filmed here. Crime series of German production, such as Krimi Zurich, also often make their background here.
The advantages of the Prague Congress Centre lie in its spectacular spaces and the brutalist uniqueness of its architecture. This combination allows crews to take advantage of PCC's fragmented and varied spaces to simulate shots from multiple environments and buildings. A modern open-space can thus be created in one part of the congress foyer, while a government emergency committee meets in the VIP lounge on the floor below it.


Filming Advertisements in the Prague Congress Centre

Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger also visited us to film a Mobile Strike commercial here under our iconic chandelier? This South Lounge 1 works absolutely magically for TV spots. Why else would Ivan Zachariáš choose it for filming the official spot of the 52nd KVIFF, where Josef Somr believes that Bartoška and Zaoralová are selling him cooking pots? Even Mall.TV did not want to omit this unique lounge in its intro jingles announcing the start of its new broadcast. Other companies that have used PCC for filming their advertisements include Plzeňský Prazdroj, Guinness, Amazon, and Samsung. The EU Presidency of the Czech Republic, which used the space of the Prague Congress Centre for its meetings, filmed a spot here where Jarda Jágr hit a sugar cube with his hockey stick, fortunately Petr Čech caught it. There are many award-winning commercials filmed at PCC, including the spots for Mailchimp produced by Unit+Sofa, the locations for which were provided by SONS Locations.












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