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On this page, you can view not only the unique premises of the Prague Congress Centre, but also learn interesting information about the Prague Congress Centre and view videos from past events. We wish you a pleasant viewing.

The unique premises of the Prague Congress Centre

PCC, the proud host of the Czech EU Presidency 

For the past six months, the Prague Congress Centre was one of the main venues of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU. It was an intense six months, but we are very happy and proud to have been a part of it. Check out a little retrospective at how the preparation of the events went.

Get to know the Prague Congress Centre 

What does the Prague Congress Centre offer? You can see the selection of the best in our new video. See how and where congresses, concerts, or corporate and VIP meetings are held. Get inspired by our spaces to organise your own event.

The Largest
Congress Hall 

This hall is the largest in the building with a capacity of 2,764 seats. It is suitable for organising congresses, concerts, theatrical and cinematic performances, or musical and dramatic programmes. It boasts an exceptionally large stage (615 m2), excellent acoustics, and flexibility.

Events at the Prague Congress Centre

ESSENS Kick OFF 2020 4 Elements

The Four Basic Elements, The Four Basic Values of ESSENS - Health, Beauty, Ecology, and Prosperity. Inspiration, Motivation, Innovation, and Information.

Czech Design Week 2019

The 6th Annual Design Show will present contemporary Czech and foreign designers in the Prague Congress Centre and will offer its visitors the best of Czech glass, porcelain, jewellery, interior design, studio design, design of children's rooms, original toys, as well as graphic design, art, and industrial design.

EUSEM 2019

The 25th meeting of the European Society for Emergency Medicine (EUSEM) is the most important educational event in the field of emergency medicine organised in Europe. Every year, the congress brings together professionals working in the emergency rooms of hospitals. See a cross-section of the five-day medical marathon.

ECSS 2019 Congress

In cooperation with the ECSS (European College of Sports Sciences), Charles University organised the 24th annual ECSS Congress in PCC. The congress brought top experts from all over the world to Prague to present their specific research in the field of sports sciences and the experience and vision of professionals who are dedicated to one of the most fascinating areas of sports. See how the event at PCC took place and what the organisers and participants say about it.

mDevCamp 2019

The 8th consecutive mDevCamp conference once again brought the best speakers from around the world to the Prague Congress Centre, including their great workshops. This is the largest conference of mobile developers in Central Europe. Take part of the event with this mDevCamp video.

European SharePoint Office 365 & Azure Conference 2019

ESPC is the first independent European Microsoft conference.

Start-up World Cup & Summit

One of the most globally significant start-up events this year was the Startup World Cup & Summit, which was co-organized by the start-up incubator UP21 and the Air Ventures investment fund. As part of the SWCSummit, the European finals of the Startup World Cup 2019 global competition took place in Prague, as well as the regional finals of the V4 countries. Take a look at the course of the event, which was attended by more than 350 start-ups.

EAHAD 2019 Kongres

The European Association of Haemophilia and Allied Disorders held its 12th Congress in the Prague Congress Centre. Compared to previous years, the congress in Prague attracted a record number of participants, an increase of 25 %. See how the congress looked in the lights of snowy Prague.

Czech Design Week

Czech Design Week is a design show that presents the authors of the independent scene. It presents the most interesting work of both Czech and foreign authors with an emphasis on authenticity and a personal approach. The 5th year of Czech Design Week took place in the premises of the Prague Congress Centre. The building hides countless original works of art, which today have an incalculable value.

Together Sustainably - the First Waste-free Event

On the occasion of the presentation of the "TOP Responsible Company of the Year" Awards, the first zero-waste event took place in cooperation with Zátiší Catering, where visitors ate their way through the entire evening with just a single bowl!

Kongres Devcon IV

The Prague Congress Centre was the hub of the Devcon IV congress for developers, the main topic of which was cryptocurrencies. This event brought a number of new technological devices to PCC, such as 3D printers, crypto mining farms, IOT buttons, etc. It was the most technologically demanding event of the year.

A Night of Musicals in the Prague Congress Centre

The Prague Congress Centre, together with the Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre, organised a Cinderella musical night for clients and partners. This event was held as a follow-up to the new musical Three Nuts for Cinderella, which premiered in the autumn of 2018.

The "FOR ALL WOMEN" Festival 2018

Video from the 4th year of the FOR ALL WOMEN Festival of inspiration and energy, which took place in the Prague Congress Centre on 8 March 2018. More than 20 guests from various fields presented themselves, including actress Tatiana Vilhelmová, psychologist Laura Janáčková, priest Zbigniew Czendlik, and many others.


56. ICCA congress

The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) chose Prague as the 56th destination of its congress, and 1,264 experts from the congress industry from 79 countries came to Prague for this occasion.

Schola Pragensis 2017

The video from the 22nd Annual Schola Pragensis Show 2017 captures the final preparations until the opening of the entire event itself. You can watch a very well-made video that allows you to peak behind the scenes.


The 50th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition. How was it prepared and was the event a success?

ICM 2014 Prague Congress

The 30th Annual Congress of the ICM - the International Confederation of Midwives.

Creative Office

Theme: PCC through the eyes of the young emerging generation of artists.

Creative Office presents PCC

We have prepared the miniseries "PCC through the eyes of the young emerging generation of artists" for you. The videos were created in cooperation with the advertising agency Kreativní kancl (Creative Office) - a communication agency composed of the greatest talents in Czech advertising, students of the Prague School of Creative Communication, and the Michael Academy. As part of our Vyšehrad Art District project, we connect with subjects from the neighbourhood, and we are overjoyed that our building full of art also inspires this young generation.

South Boardroom 2

The first part of our miniseries presents the lounge where world-famous personalities gather. Some of them even included former presidents Václav Havel and Barack Obama. It is not without cause that the South Boardroom is thus nicknamed the "Obama Room".

The Dove

We continue with our presentation of the art of PCC in the form of a short video, which this time gives us a look at one of the most valuable artworks in the Congress Centre - the "Woman with a Dove." It is a five-metre-high glass sculpture that is located in a key location of the Congress Hall Foyer. The foyer on the second floor also offers one of the most beautiful views of Prague.

The Sun

In the third part of this video series, we will entice you to see another of our artworks, this time made not only of glass, but also of metal. You do not necessarily have to wait until the summer months to see the "Sun". All you need to do is to see the work of the glass artist Vladimír Procházka located in Entrance No. 10 while on your walk around Vyšehrad.

South Boardroom 1

In the last of our videos, we take a look behind the scenes of another of our conference lounges. The South Boardroom 1 has been honoured by visits from many filmmakers and well-known personalities. The light, set in a shaped ribbed ceiling, consists of hundreds of tiny hollow spheres, which are suspended from metal rods, thus allowing this dominant artwork to complete the entire room.

What was filmed at the Prague Congress Centre?

You can admire more legendary films and commercials shot in PCC in the article "Film Crews in PCC". Thanks to the favours of film crews, we have welcomed charismatic actors and actresses from around the world.

Mobile Strike

Advertisement for the Mobile Strike mobile phone game, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The commercial was filmed in South Boardroom 1, which acted as a command centre.

Whiskey Cavalier

Watch the trailer for the pilot episode of Whiskey Cavalier starring Scott Foley here. Can you recognise which shots are filmed in the Prague Congress Centre?


How were significant savings achieved in the Prague Congress Centre?

The Low-Cost Prague Congress Centre

What was modernised in the technical facilities of the Prague Congress Centre in 2016? What savings will be achieved through modernisation? You will learn not only that in the following video, which will guide you through the entire extensive project.

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