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2019-10-04 | Newton College started the winter semester in new facilities of the Prague Congress Centre
 A total number of 11 classrooms can hold up to 525 students at a time. The capacity of NEWTON College increased up to 1 250 students.
 „We are very happy that we achieved to get such an interesting partner, who brings big amount of fresh energy and student spirit. To gain an academic institution as a tenant links to the new overall concept of the Prague Congress Centre and its long-time development. With new projects and conferences focused on innovations we are coming closer to young people and new ideas, so we are glad that also thanks to NEWTON college we successfully achieve our strategy of supporting educational economics,“ said  Aleš Bartůněk, Chairman of the Board of KCP. „NEWTON College has grown incredibly in last years. Students look for quality education in a pleasant and inspiring environment. There is a direct proportion between the number of students and their demands on classroom equipment and facilities for study. Students will appreciate the nearby Vyšehrad park, where they can relax or do sports,“ stated MUDr. Jan Mojžíš, rector of NEWTON College.
2019-10-01 | LABOR EXPO 2019
25 th and 26 th September, the Prague Congress Centre hosted the largest domestic exposition of analytical, measuring and laboratory technology from around 90 exhibitors.The program is going to be very diverse and entertaining. Besides of laboratory equipment, workshops and movable laboratory, visitors can test own samples and experiment.
2019-09-19 | Cement Chemistry Congress
In a total number of 10 halls and lounges the 15th International Cement Chemistry Congress (ICCC) is currently taking place. The PCC welcomed over 1000 experts and students from all over the world so far. The ICCC is an internationally renowned platform that supports connection of the academic world and the cement industry. Their priority is to involve students in the discussion. Hot topics during the congress are the newest technologies and trends in the application of cement. „We are very pleased that the congress, which first event took place in 1918, is actually here,“ said Lenka Žlebková, Sales and Marketing Director of the Prague Congress Centre.
2019-09-18 | Come to enjoy cultural autumn days to Prague Congress Centre
Colorful leaves on trees, shorter daylight and more sweaters and coats on. This is a prove that an autumn takes over. The time spent with family and friends outside moves to homes, theaters, museums or exhibition halls. Thus, we invite you to the Prague Congress Centre which covers all above described.
You can look forward to many cultural experiences in the Prague Congress Centre this autumn and upcoming winter time. The international four-member group IL DIVO - the world leader in performance of mix of opera and pop songs will shine with their breathtaking show “Timeless.” David Deyl will play a piano and perform his own engaging songs together with the North Czech Philharmonic. Jim Jefferies, one of the best standup comedians worldwide, will come to the Czech Republic for the first time ever. Lovers of young adult literacy will enjoy discussions with Czech and world authors and interesting workshops during the book festival Humbookfest. Prague Congress Centre will experience thrilling love story with beautiful melodies written by P.I. Tchaikovsky in the world´s top ballet show Swan Lake. Spectators will watch two different approaches from two Russian ballet ensembles – Royal Moscow Ballet and Moscow City Ballet.
You can read more about upcoming cultural experiences under the roof of the Prague Congress Centre in the section Upcoming Events.
And what is new for performers in the Prague Congress Centre? Dressing rooms and backstage relax zones were renovated to ensure comfort before, during and after performances.
2019-09-16 | Congress of Forensic Genetics
It was an honour to host the 28th Congress of the International Society of Forensic Genetics (ISFG). In 12 rooms and meeting rooms were happening interesting presentations, useful workshops and inspirational discussions. During the congress were presented new theories and technologies that help experts from all over the world to uncover revolutionary data. What´s more, at the end of this event, the congress president Jiří Drábek handed over a donation in amount of 3000 Euros to children´s hospice Dům pro Julii.
2019-07-23 | Video from the ECSS congress
Watch the new video from the ECSS congress that was held at the Prague Congress Centre and coorganised with Charles University.
2019-06-24 | PCC in profit in 2018
PCC achieved a profit of CZK 33 million in 2018, with a total company turnover of CZK 486 million. During the year, the modernization of technical equipment of the centre continued, and 86 hotel rooms of the Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre were modernized.
Revenues from short-term rental amounted to CZK 152.2 million and long-term leases rose to CZK 157.1 million, mainly due to the 100% occupancy of the Business Centre Vyšehrad. Significant success was achieved by the parking segment, where sales were increased by 22.5% by rationalization of operations and sales totalled CZK 20.5 million. With an increase in the average hotel occupancy to 73.9%, the Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre has increased sales to a total of CZK 155 million. According to the latest press release company's total costs amounted to CZK 457.5 million and operating profit was CZK 35.6 million. Further development includes the vision of New Exhibition Hall construction in the coming years.
2019-06-19 | Press Conference of the ECSS Congress
We would like to invite you to the ECSS Prague press conference, that is co-organised with the Charles University. Come to learn more about sport science from experts that gathered here in Prague for the ECSS congress. The press conference takes place on Wednesday July 3, 2019 at 6 PM in ZOOM at the Prague Congress Centre. Apart from the ECSS President, Joan Duda, you will also get to hear the Mayor of Prauge, Zdeněk Hřib, the Minister of Health, Adam Vojtěch, the Olympic Gold Medallist, David Svoboda, the Chairman of the Board of the Jedlička Foundation Institute, Taťána Waltrová, the Rector of the Charles University, Tomáš Zíma and last but not least the ECSS Prague Congress President, Václav Bunc.
2019-06-17 | Jim Jefferies comes to Prague for the first time
Prague will enjoy the provocative stand-up comedy of Jim Jefferies for the first time. Jim will come to thhe Czech Republic December 9, 2019 during his The Night Talker Tour. Until then get entertained by his TV show that airs on Comedy Central, or watch some of his podcasts. Tickets are already on sale!
2019-06-04 | 24th Annual Congres of the ECSS comes to Prague
Charles University holds the 24th Annual Congress of the ECSS in Prague, Czech Republic, from 3rd to 6th July, 2019 in the Prague Congress Centre. The conference will bring experts from around the world to provide specific research in the field of Sport Sciences and the experience and vision of professionals, who are dedicated to one of the most fascinating areas of sports. In addition to the professional program, number of accompanying events are organized of which the most significant is the 5th Saltin Run in honor of the leading person of sports physiology prof. Saltin.You are welcome to join the press conference which is held on the opening day of the congress on July 3,2019 from 6 PM in the Prague Congress Centre. Read more in our press release.
2019-05-29 | The famous Moscow City Ballet comes to PCC
The Prague Congress Centre will welcome on stage a great performance of the Moscow City Ballet in November. Swan Lake is a show adored by public worldwide. This is a novel about fighting good and evil, the power of love and the feeling beyond the limits of life and death. The success of this performance is based on great choreography and music. You can't describe the excitement and emotions caused by the Moscow City Ballet - you have to experience it! You can get tickets at organizer's webpage.
2019-04-23 | Changes in the management
Based on mutual agreement between the Board of Directors of the Prague Congress Centre and the Managing Director, Roman Raimund Straub, on April 17, 2019, Mr. Straub ended his role as the Managing Director of the Prague Congress Centre. The new managing director is Mr. Pavel Habarta, who remains also a member of the Board of Directors.
2019-04-09 | Prague Congress Centre defended the Superbrands title
The Prague Congress Centre was awarded with the renowned Czech Business Superbrands 2019 award in March 2019. Defending its recognition from 2018, it succeeded following the given criteria which are e.g. brand awareness, innovation or prestige. For the Prague Congress Centre this award serves as a reward for long-lasting and consistent efforts of company development. To learn more see our press release.
2019-03-25 | Video from EAHAD 2019 congress
Interested in how a medical congress looks like? We have a new video from the recent EAHAD 2019 congress that was held in the Prague Congress Centre and attracted a reconrd number of visitors. See how the congress unfolded in our beautiful city covered by snow. Find the video in the  video section.
2019-03-23 | EU Presidency Trial Run held in the PCC
The Government of the Czech Republic is getting ready for the EU Presidency in 2022. On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, the Prague Congress Centre hosted an event called "EU Presidency Trial Run." The aim of this event was to share the experience of Slovak and Romanian Presidency with project management and to present the current audio-visual and communication technologies used in it. Read our press release to learn more.
2019-01-21 | Pivo, Beer & Ale Expo
The long tradition of Czech brewing will also be reflected in the calendar of events of the Prague Congress Centre. The 3rd annual Pivo, Beer & Ale Expo will be held on 29th - 30th January 2019 with the participation of 70 brands. Come to taste and learn something interesting about professional beer tasting or beer raw materials. If you plan on starting your own brewery, you will surely be amazed by the equipment, devices and technology for building, spreading and optimizing breweries.
2018-12-20 | Changes in the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of the Prague Congress Centre has changed its members. The new members of the Board of Directors are Mr. Marek Ženíšek, Mr. Pavel Habarta and Mr. Aleš Bartůněk. Changes were also made in the Supervisory Board. The new member of the Supervisory Board and also the Vice-Chairman is Mrs. Lenka Burgerová, PhD. and Mr. Roman Bělor.
2018-12-10 | Green Christmas at the Prague Congress Centre
Celebrate Christmas with the Prague Congress Centre minding the environment. This year a potted Christmas tree can be found in the ground floor of the PCC, so it can be planted in spring and it can continue growing. And what about you this Christmas? What are you going to do for the environment?
2018-11-28 | Svetlana Zacharova will present herself in Prague and pass her experience to students of the dance conservatory
Svetlana Zacharova, the world renowned ballet artist, will present herself with leading soloists and ballet artists of the Grand Theater in a unique new performance called AMORE, which will take place January 10, 2019 at the Prague Congress Center. On stage, Svetlana Zacharov will shine next to such ballet masters of the Great Theater, such as Michail Lobuchin or Denis Rodkin. Interestingly, a master class for the students of the Prague Dance Conservatory will be part of the visit of the Russian primabalerina. Students will have a unique opportunity to get to know the artist closely.
2018-11-19 | Newly opened Café Reunion
Zátiší Catering newly opened Café Reunion. Located directly in the Prague Congress Center it is accessible through entrance no.5. Come and enjoy homemade bread, bagels or tasty cakes and warm up with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Those, who want to have a sip of wine or beer before a concert, they are also very welcomed. Kristyna looks forward to seeing you Mo - Fri from 9:30 to 17:00.
2018-11-09 | Attention - Michael Schenker Fest

We would like to point out that the concert of Michael Schenker (14.11.) will be held in the Cub ROXY.

2018-11-02 | PCC a hub for Devcon, technologically the most demanding event of the year
The Prague Congress Center became a hub for Devcon IV, the preeminent gathering for application and platform developers building on Ethereum; the largest public blockchain and smart contracting platform by nearly all measures. This event brought a number of new technological devices such as 3D printers, cryptographic mines, IOT buttons to the PCC. "Participants of the congress exposed the Prague Congress Center's IT technologies to a stress test," says Dominik Vrba, who is running the network for this technologically most demanding event of the year. The action requires an uninterrupted transmission of 2000 Mbit/s internet to the building, of which 1300 Mbit/s goes over wifi for 4000 connected active devices. The Ethereum Foundation organizes Devcon to educate and empower the community to build decentralized applications and to bring community culture to the world.
2018-10-08 | Community fridge at the PCC
Prague Congress Center launched a community fridge project in cooperation with the main catering partner Zátiší Catering to support the concept of sustainability and reduce the volume of bio-waste. Despite of careful planning to avoid excess food not everything gets consumed at congresses and for these cases of properly preserved food there is a community fridge. All employees of the PCC and Zátiší Catering can help themselves to a snack. We believe that sharing a meal is an important part of team-building, employees can chat and at the same time they can think about how become sustainable at home - as the infographic on the refrigerator door encourages them. This way, not only the idea of zero-waste is supported but the work of the chefs won’t go down the drain.
2018-09-11 | Counter-terrorist excercise of the Police of the Czech Republic at the Prague Congress Centre
The Prague Congress Center (PCC) would like to inform you about the upcoming counter-terrorist exercise held in cooperation with the Rapid Deployment Unit of the Police of the Czech Republic, under the auspices of the Mayor of Prague Mrs. Mgr. Adriana Krnáčová, MBA and the Police President Genmjr. Mgr. Tomáš Tuhý, Ph.D. The drill will take place on September 10 and 11, 2018, at the Prague Congress Center and in the immediate vicinity of the building.
Important warning:
On September 11, 2018 from 09:30 to 13:00 the outer space of ​​the Prague Congress Center, the northern terrace, the southern terrace and the surrounding area of ​​the building will be closed, including the closure of the Nuselský bridge to Pankrác, the closure of the street to Corinthia Hotel, the closing of the roundabout in front of the PCC. The street Na Pankráci will be opened as a substitute road and a rampway will be opened on the Na Pankráci street (5. května), direction Pankrác. The Vyšehrad metro will be open and the pedestrian walk will lead you under the northern terrace, park and stairs from Bučanka street to the Business Centre Vyšehrad.

Please do not call 158 nor 112, it is just a drill.
For more information, please contact us at: +420 261 171 111
2018-08-17 | Matrix Live - change of date
Matrix Live - Film in Concert will be held March 11, 2019 due to technical issues according to the statement of the organizer. A reward for those, who will wait until the new date will be a better quality of the screening. This movie will be featured in even higher quality, in 4K resolution, which is was made in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the film. More information at
2018-06-26 | The PCC´s results of the economic activities for 2017
The PCC's Board of Directors approved the annual report including the financial statements. In management the increase in total sales and pre-planned reconstruction of premises was projected together with a modernization of equipment. The Prague Congress Centre visited almost 250 000 participants in 246 events. Press release
2018-06-08 | The most important congress of medical physics IUPESM 2018 in the PCC
From June 3 to 8, 2018, the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (IUPESM 2018) takes place at the Prague Congress Centre. This triennially organized joint meeting of medical physicists, biomedical engineers and adjoining health care professionals is a unique opportunity to liaise with their professional colleagues from all over the world, learn and share knowledge, and discuss the latest research outcomes. And we are proud that Prague as the first city in CEE hosts the IUPESM 2018. More info
2018-06-01 | Reconstruction 2017 of the PCC in the numbers
The Prague Congress Centre underwent extensive reconstruction and modernization last year, during which the premises, the technical background, the digital navigation system and Wi-Fi infrastructure were modernized. We want to show you the most interesting numbers from the reconstruction. See the infographics 
2018-05-28 | Our vision and mission
Our mission is to create a great place for inspiration and also a modern and friendly place for inspiring scientific, medical, commercial and political meetings that will help new projects for a better world. The Prague Congress Centre will continue to transform into a modern, efficient, pleasant, socially responsible and technologically advanced company with first-class services and an eco-friendly operation in upcoming years. Our vision and mission
2018-05-22 | Green Prague Congress Centre
We feel responsible for the environment and therefore we draw energy from renewable resources. The purest energy is the one that we don’t consume. Our long-term goal is to reduce overall energy consumption. Since 2016, when a number of energy-saving measures were implemented in the framework of the modernisation of the Prague Congress Centre, we managed to reduce energy costs by 21 million CZK a year. More information at Green Prague Congress Centre.
2018-05-09 | Prague is the World's Eighth Most Popular Meeting Destination
The Czech metropolis has succeeded in the global competition and occupied the eighth place in the ranking of the most popular congress destinations that the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) compiles every year. Prague has moved three positions up since 2016 and ranked among the world's TOP 10 meeting destinations such as Barcelona, Paris, Vienna, London and Singapore. Press release
2018-05-02 | Ballet performance Amore
Event is NOT possible to be held on the announced date May 7th, 2018 due to unforeseen technical reasons. Ballet will be performed on a NEW date January 10th, 2019 (Thursday). Tickets will be valid without need to be exchanged. All the customers who have bought tickets till now will receive CD with performances of Svetlana Zakharova as a compliment. CD will be distributed at the venue for all tickets with May date on it.
2018-04-27 | Story of the Prague Congress Centre
See how this pompous building was born and how her face is changing. Whether you are interested in the history or the future of the Prague Congress Centre, you will learn everything in our new section „Our Story“, where you will also find an exclusive interview with Mr. Josef Karlík, one of the four authors of the Prague Congress Centre.
2018-04-23 | The Prague Congress Centre at IMEX Frankfurt 2018
The Prague Congress Centre will be part of IMEX on 15.–17. May 2018, the worldwide exhibition for incentive travel, meetings and events. IMEX takes place at Messe Frankfurt, one of the world’s largest, most modern and connected venues, in the heart of Europe. IMEX Frankfurt 2018 is expected to be attended by more than 3 500 exhibitors from more than 150 countries around the world. We are looking forward to many new opportunities for cooperation, new business opportunities, sharing experience, new information, innovative ideas and networking. We are proud we will represent the Prague Congress Centre on such successful exhibition. Maybe we will meet you there, you can find us at stand G300, hall 8!
2018-04-18 | Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre boasts refurbished rooms
The hotel has recently undergone refurbishment, thanks to which the hotel has modern and design rooms. Specifically, the hotel boasts 58 modernized executive rooms and 76 modernized superior standard rooms. The rooms have a fresh style, combination of turquoise color and light wood, which contributes to a pleasant stay in the hotel. If you decide to enjoy stunning Prague, the hotel Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre will be the right place for accommodation even for the most demanding guest. Hotel Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre
2018-04-09 | The Prague Congress Centre was awarded the Czech Business Superbrands 2018
The Prague Congress Centre has been awarded the recognized Czech Business Superbrands 2018 award in March 2018, which is awarded according to predefined attributes such as brand awareness, branding, innovation, or prestige. For the Prague Congress Centre this award means a reward for long-lasting and consistent efforts to develop the whole company. Download Press Release
2018-03-29 | Happy Easter

We wish you a happy Easter holidays and lots of spring energy.

Team of the Prague Congress Centre
2018-03-23 | Ambassador Awards Evening
The 9th Ambassador Awards Evening took place on 21st March on the premises of the Residence of the Mayor in Prague to honour the contributions to the meetings industry. Prague Convention Bureau organises the ceremonial event since 2010 as a part of its Ambassador Programme. The ceremony of handing the awards over to the congress ambassadors was also honoured by the Mayor of Prague Mrs. Adriana Krnáčová. Sanjiv Suri, Lenka Žlebková and Roman Muška were awarded with the Prize of the Prague Congress Centre for the 56th ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) Congress. That means the successful realization of the Congress of ICCA association, which brings together professionals from the congress industry, significantly helped to mark Prague on the map of the international meetings tourism.
2018-03-16 | Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre opened doors to its partners
The Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre welcomed its business partners from corporate sphere as well as partners from travel agencies during Doors Open Day this Wednesday. All invited guests enjoyed a presentation about a new rooms, or first class hotel´s services. Part of the afternoon was also guided tour of the Prague Congress Centre, where visitors viewed the newly renovated premises. During the event in the hotel partners enyjoyed music in a form of piano tones. Of course there was also an excellent lunch, which was a great opportunity to exchange a new business contacts. Traditional raffle could not miss as well in which it competed for stays in the European hotels of the Holiday Inn or a romantic dinners. The whole day has everybody enriched about contacts, new information and opportunities. Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre
2018-03-02 | Cancellation of the Wolf of Wall Street Conference in March
The Wolf of Wall Street conference with the original date of 10th March 2018, will be shifted by the organizer to 30th September 2018. However, tickets remain valid.
2018-02-13 | Prague Congress Centre has a new modern AV equipment
Congresses and conferences have still higher and higher requirements on technology, and therefore the Prague Congress Centre has installed high-tech audiovisual equipment according to the standards of international congresses. For example, both the Congress Hall and Forum Hall have newly installed sound console DiGiCo including the necessary digital audio, video and lighting technology. We are now able to offer more checkpoints in the hall according to the needs of the client offering large-area projection and LED walls up to 4K resolution. For conferences, we offer a complete registration system, videotaping of presentations with placement on web and fulltext search of presentations or snippets in the presentation itself. We are also able to send a stream to any built-in screen at the Prague Congress Centre and offer participants online transfer to the chillout zone so they know exactly what is happening in the main hall.
2018-01-31 | Prague Congress Centre has a new renovated premises
The Prague Congress Centre underwent significant changes in 2017. The interiors were modified both in the corridors and foyers. Big changes are especially in the Congress Hall, where a new carpet was laid and for comfort and modern design of the space the seats were repaired. In the Forum Hall was finished a restoration of the railing with parquet and painting of the walls together with the mobile partitions. There were also renovation and modernization of almost all the toilets and on the ground floor at the main entrance a new information center was created surrounded by reconstructed cloakrooms. The facade of the building was also modified. Prague Congress Centre wants to show that is modern and can provide first-class services for congresses, concerts, exhibitions and other types of events.
2018-01-16 | The Prague Congress Centre welcomed business partners at Doors Open Day
More than 200 business partners had a chance to see behind the scenes of the Prague Congress Centre during Doors Open Day. The guided tours, live music and refreshment was provided during this event. The Doors Open Day was held at the beginning of January and the aim was to show that the Prague Congress Centre is modern and can provide first-class services for congresses, concerts, exhibitions and other kinds of events. The Prague Congress Centre presented for example newly renovated premises, AV technology news, hall options and improved IT infrastructure including a new Wi-Fi network with 180 access points. According to the reactions of the participants the event was successful and the whole Prague Congress Centre thanks for their visit, interest and all the questions and suggestions they shared.

2017-12-22 | PF 2018
We wish you a festive Christmas season and successful year 2018.

Team of the Prague Congress Centre
2017-11-30 | Exhibition of Secondary Schools in the Prague Congress Centre

The Prague Congress Center held the Schola Pargensis exhibition, which is intended especially for the ninth-grade students of primary schools, their parents and other students interested in studying at secondary schools of all types. The first year of the exhibition took place in 1996 and until 2002 Schola Pragensis was organized in the last week of March at the time of J. A. Comenius anniversary. The schools established by the City of Prague and other entities traditionally present not only their facilities, but also the results of their work, both in the pedagogical field and in the areas of after school activities. Every year, the exhibition provides schoolchildren of the last year of basic schools with a comprehensive picture of education plans at each particular school and also their subsequent chances on the labour market. Potential prospective students at a particular school can actually see what the school offers and have the opportunity to compare with other schools. The general public can acquire a complex picture of possibilities in the region of Prague. This year's motto was "Become the director of your life" and the poster was created by the winner of the competition for the best graphic design Pavel Kuja, who is a student at the Secondary School of Design and Art, Book Culture and Economics, and who won over another 23 designs.

2017-11-08 | Marketing Festival
The 5th Marketing Festival is held at the Prague Congress Center. The best speakers, innovative ideas, newly built program, but also a great environment and excellent catering is what its founder finds as a MUST.
"Five years ago, I finally realized that there's something wrong with marketing conferences: they simply don't offer value that's on par with the ticket price. So I took a risk and decided to bring world-class know-how to the Czech Republic while trying to avoid all the annoyances of the industry's leading conferences., "says the founder of the festival.
2017-11-04 | International Federation of European Biochemical Societies heading to Prague in July 2018
The Congress of the International Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) is one of the largest European congresses on biochemistry, a platform for international scientific exchange on the latest discoveries in biochemistry, molecular biology and other related fields. In addition to lectures presented by top scientists, including the Nobel Prize laureates, the congress also includes symposiums on the latest research discoveries, poster sections, and various workshops and other activities. Expected attendance is 2,500 delegates
2017-11-03 | World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at the PCC.
The Czech Society for Biomedical Engineering and Medical Informatics and the Czech Medical Physicists Association will organize the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at the Prague Congress Centre. This joint meeting of medical physicists, biomedical engineers and health professionals from related disciplines every three years is a unique opportunity to connect professionals from around the world, learn and share knowledge and discuss the latest research and technological progress as well as new insights into medical physics and biomedical engineering. In addition to purely scientific and technological themes, the congress will focus on other aspects of professional involvement in health care such as education and training, accreditation and certification, health technology assessment, or patient safety. We expect 3,000 delegates.
2017-11-02 | Lara Fabian Camouflage Tour
Lara Fabian goes on a world tour and one stop will be the Prague Congress Centre. The new Lara Fabian tour called Camouflage will be based on her English repertoire. Lara Fabian’s first English album was released in the USA in 1999 (Sony Music). The eponymous album, written and produced by renowned producers, such as Glen Ballard and Walter Afanasieff, included several titles reaching high positions in the charts.  The title “I will love again”, became a # 1 Billboard Hot Dance Chart hit. Other titles, such as “Adagio”, “Love by Grace”, and “Broken Vow” became hits in various countries, and have been covered since by many artists (Barbra Streisand, Josh Groban). Lara’s initial international success was followed by the release of a second English album, “A wonderful life” in 2004, including titles such as “Review my kisses”, written by Desmond Child, “I guess I loved you” and “No big deal”. The dance –pop song “I am who I am”, remixed by Hex Hector became an underground club hit. The tour will bring the new music of Lara from Camouflage, together with her international hits.
2017-11-01 | Concert of Evanescence
In March, the PCC will welcome the famous music group Evanescence. Double Grammy Award holders will perform with the Symphony Orchestra and will introduce their forthcoming album Synthesis, which will include the most popular songs in new arrangements. Synthesis is the fourth studio album released by the band. In addition to older favourites, it contains two entirely new songs that Evanescence will present on the tour with the orchestra. The recording was produced by the drummer Will Hunt and composer David Campbell, known for working with Justin Timberlake, Muse, Adele, Michael Jackson and others. “This is a total passion project for me. There are so many layers in our music, underneath the huge drums and guitars,” explains Amy Lee of Evanescence. “I’ve always wanted to shine a light on some of the gorgeous David Campbell arrangements and programming elements in our songs, and that idea snowballed into completely re-doing them with full orchestra, not just strings, elaborate programming and experimentation. This will be our first-time touring with orchestra and I’m so excited to perform this way-really focus on the vocals, and the emotion and the story we’ve built over the years. This project really means a lot to me. Underneath the sound of drums and guitars, there are innumerable layers in our music, says singer Amy Lee.
2017-10-20 | Japan Week at PCC
In November, we are expecting a variety of events featuring the best of Japanese culture. Japan Week is a cultural event aimed at promoting Japan in the world and cultural dialogue between nations. Japanese International Friendship Foundation (IFF) has been hosting Japan Week for 31 years, each time in another country. This year, Japan Week returns for great success for the second time to the same place - to Prague (for the first time in Prague in 2002 when the attendance was about 38,000 people). The main partner Japan Week is the City of Prague. During exhibitions, workshops and performances, more than 1300 Japanese artists will be able to present traditional and modern Japanese culture and art (from the samurai show, through the traditional drums to the flower arrangement).
2017-10-12 | PCC participated in IMEX Las Vegas
CEO of the Prague Congress Centre Roman Ray Straub was in IMEX Las Vegas to present newly refurbished and digitalized PCC. “We have been to Imex for the third time. The whole event had a great attendance and offered a lot of business opportunities. Martina Fundaro, who represents Prague Convention Bureau did a great job. We attended an associations evening through ICCA and hosted a breakfast on 12.10. So far, we received at least 3 requests. I also believe that the presentation of our new to-be exhibition hall was interesting and that our new exhibition spaces which should be available within four years will bring us more interesting international meetings. The next IMEX is planned at Mandalay Bay and we are already looking forward to being able to present the PCC,” says Roman Ray Straub.
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