ICPhS 2023

ICPhS 2023
27. 06. 2023
The 20th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS) will be held in Prague from 7-11 August 2023 at the KCP - Prague Congress Centre, one of the modern architectural landmarks of Prague and the largest congress and cultural centre in the Czech Republic. Prague is the first city to host ICPhS repeatedly. The first congress was held in Prague in 1967, when it was only the 6th edition. The Institute of Phonetics therefore has a great opportunity to host this important congress for the second time. This congress can be described as the most important meeting of experts in its field at the international level. The programme of the congress will open over twenty interesting topics and will feature five internationally known keynote speakers, namely John Esling, Jane Stuart Smith, Andrea Ravignani, Pavel Trofimovich, Titia Benders and Paul Boersma. The theme of the congress is "Intersecting Communities and Changing Cultures". The participants are experts in various areas of speech science from all over the world, from linguists and phoneticians, to psychologists and psycholinguists, to speech engineers working on e.g. automatic speech recognition or speech synthesis.

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