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Congress Hall

This is the largest hall in the building with a capacity of 2,764 seats. It is suitable for organizing congresses, concerts, theatrical and cinematic performances, or musical and dramatic programmes. It boasts an exceptionally large stage (615 m2), excellent acoustics, and flexibility. The entrance to the hall is from the 1st, 2nd, and 4th floors. Balconies can be closed by lowering the ceilings, and the total area of the space can also be reduced by using a textile stage horizon. A number of exceptional events have taken place in the Congress Hall during its existence, whether it was Sting's concert in 2012, the musical West Side Story in 2017, or the famous ballet Swan Lake performed by the Royal Moscow Ballet. In 2017, the seats were renovated, a new carpet was laid, the main lighting was replaced for better atmosphere and more natural light, and the IT and AV infrastructure was improved for a perfect experience and maximum comfort.

Forum Hall

This multi-purpose hall is especially suitable for congresses, symposia, theatrical and cinematic performances, concerts, balls, and other social events, including exhibitions. The space is equipped with a retractable stage and an auditorium. Its maximum capacity is 1,034 seats (ground floor – 648 seats, balcony – 386 seats). The hall is equipped with a two-part curtain, and 9 lifting tables are built into the stage. In recent years, live television broadcasts of pre-election debates have been regularly held here. The hall has recently undergone renovations, during which the carpets were replaced and all surfaces were newly painted. The technical equipment of the hall is also modern and at a top-notch level, which also handles the technically demanding visual and sound effects during concerts.

Chamber Hall

A multi-functional hall suitable for lectures, conferences, seminars, and corporate presentations. Its indisputable advantage is the wonderful panoramic view of Prague. The maximum capacity of the hall is 180 persons.

South Boardroom 1

This very representative lounge is suitable for VIP meetings or discussions. The lounge is dominated by its original decoration in the form of a lighting fixture. The capacity of the room is 24 seats around an oval table.

South Boardroom 2

Also a representative lounge that impresses with its artistic lighting fixture and its unique atmosphere. It is suitable for VIP meetings and round table discussions. The capacity of the room is 12 places.

Club H

A pleasant place with a beautiful view of Prague, suitable for seminars, conferences, courses, company presentations, or gastronomic events. The room is equipped with a projector and a projection screen, and a new carpet has been laid. For a better atmosphere in the club and more natural light, LED lighting was installed - dimmable, divided into 4 sectors, and internal semi-opaque blinds were installed for greater privacy. The total capacity is 170 persons.

Other clubs (A, B, C, D, E)

Club premises are suitable for seminars, conferences, courses, corporate presentations, and gastronomic events. The rooms have retractable semi-permeable blinds, lights divided into four zones with adjustable lighting levels, or mobile partitions. An advantage is also the mounts for data projectors with the option of hanging from the ceiling, the projector does not interfere anywhere in the room and does not take up the room's capacity. Capacity: Club A = 170 persons, Club B = 70 persons, Club C = 70 persons, Club D = 70 persons, Club E = 170 persons.

Other Halls

Halls suitable for press conferences, seminars, symposiums, trainings, company presentations, or various social events. Some of them offer an exceptional panoramic view of Prague.

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