Information on Personal Data Processing

GDPR rules
Prague Congress centre

Kongresové centrum Praha, a. s., as the administrator of personal data, within the meaning of Art. 13, or 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, as amended (hereinafter “GDPR”), hereby fulfils their legal obligation and provides the following information on the terms and conditions of personal data processing to data subjects whose personal data are or will be processed by the administrator:

Concerned Persons:

persons enquire lease of premises in the building of Kongresové centrum Praha, at 5. května 1640/65, Prague (hereinafter “the Building”)


pre-contract negotiations – accepting and processing inquiries, mutual communication, contract preparation

Legal Title:

fulfilment of legal obligation, fulfilment of a contract, or taking measures prior to the conclusion of a contract

Scope of Data:

name, surname, name of the company, e-mail, telephone number

Data Processing Period:

determined period – 3 years

Administrator and Method of Processing:

  • the administrator processes data electronically, in a manual and automated mode
  • the data are stored in the administrator’s information system, the access to data is secured with an access password
  • access is exclusively granted to persons: using the Colosseum reservation system

Processor and Method of Processing:

the processor is identical with the administrator

Data Disposal:

the administrator provides disposal (deletion) of relevant personal data on the day following the lapse of the processing period

Data Subject Rights:

  • right to access to information about processing
  • right to correction
  • right to deletion (subject to the fulfilment of GDPR terms and conditions)
  • right to restrict processing (subject to the fulfilment of GDPR terms and conditions)
  • right to explanation
  • right to removal of a defective status
  • right to raise objection to processing
  • right to transferability (subject to the fulfilment of GDPR terms and conditions)
  • right to submit a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority

Contact for exercising the aforementioned rights:

The administrator has the obligation to notify the data subject and the Personal Data Protection Authority of any violation of the security of personal data of the data subject.

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