Catering as a main ingrediency of a successful event


Refreshments are an essential part of every successful meeting, congress, or conference. Catering is not only a necessity, but food undoubtedly has a higher purpose as a natural "ice breaker" that facilitates acquaintances and connections between people.
The Prague Congress Centre has long been cooperating with the company ZÁTIŠÍ CATERING GROUP, which is characterised by quality, sustainability, and high creativity. The group prepares food for congresses, conferences, cultural events, and corporate events directly in the PCC building with a 24/7 service. It is not a problem to offer catering for thousands of congress and conference participants at the same time. For public cultural events such as concerts, where the capacity of the hall reaches up to 2,764 persons, they can provide refreshments for visitors.

Sustainability in gastronomy, where local and seasonal ingredients are used and the use of plastics is eliminated, is a matter of course. At the same time, PCC and Zátiší Catering emphasise the careful planning of the amount of food so that it is not too much. For this reason, organisers of events in the PCC building, who are from all over the world, positively respond to the services provided.

Contact our Sales Team and Zátiší Catering Group will be happy to prepare an offer according to your wishes.

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Another proof of the application of the zero-waste concept is the progressive COMMUNITY FRIDGE, which was created as a joint project in 2018. From time to time, snacks intended for the employees of PCC and companies based here, which would have been otherwise thrown away, are place in it. The aim is to reduce food waste and promote the idea of minimizing waste.


Zátiší Catering is based on the use of local ingredients, and the fact that this is not just an empty phrase is also proven by the "URBAN FARM" urban herb garden found on the outdoor terrace of the Prague Congress Centre. In season, salads and refreshing lemonades are prepared from the vegetables and herbs grown here, which, in addition to client events, are also used in the PCC cafeteria.

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