Electric car charging hub


HUB for electric cars

the largest charging spot within the Capital City of Prague

Together with PRE, the Prague Congress Centre opened a new charging hub for electric cars in 2022, which is the largest in Prague. Eight stations can serve up to 16 electric cars at once. This is a set of seven 2 x 22 kW AC charging stations, which are complemented by one 75 kW fast DC charging station enabling fast charging.

1x charging stand 2 x 75 kW


  • Hypercharger Alpitronic DC station
  • The possibility of simultaneously charging 2 cars with a power of 75 kW
  • Exceptionally fast charging
  • According to the state of the car battery, it can be fully charged within 20 minutes
  • Cabels are included in the charger

7x charging stand 2 x 22 kW


  • AC stations with a power of 22 kW
  • Each station allows for the simultaneous charging of 2 cars
  • Exceptionally fast charging
  • According to the state of the car battery, it can be fully charged within 60 minutes
  • Cabels are not included in the charger

Parking Fee

Since the charging stations are located in the parking area of the South Terrace of the Prague Congress Centre, for which every vehicle that enters must pay a parking fee, the time spent charging the car battery is also billed according to the current price list of the PCC parking lot. The parking fee of CZK 50/1 hour is paid by each driver themselves at the payment machines located at the exit from the parking lot.

Payment for charging

1. using a PRE chip

- The customer has a contract with PRE
- Bills are negotiated between PRE and the customer on a monthly basis for the previous month
- Further information: I wish to charge regularly (website of PRE)

How to use:
1. Log in using the chip on the display of the charging station.
2. Insert the charging cable from the vehicle into the charging station and start charging.
3. After charging, use the chip again to log out.
4. In case of confusion, the exact instructions are located on the stand.

2. Using a QR code

- There are QR codes found on all charging stations, thanks to which you can pay for the charging using your mobile banking.
- The tariff at the AC station is CZK 240/1 hour.
- Further information: I wish to charge on a one-time basis (website of PRE).

3. Using a mobile app or chip issued by other providers

- PRE cooperates with providers of e-mobile services from Germany, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, and Slovakia. Registered customers of other providers can charge their cars at the charging stations and pay using the app or chip of our partners.
- The price for charging is given by the price list of the partner.

Map of charging stations

mapa dobijecich stanic
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