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30. 05. — 03. 06. — GSC Congress 2023
Number of participants: 1800
The Global Spine Congress (GSC), organized by AO Spine, is the leading world class spine congress gathering thousands of spine surgeons worldwide. GSC provides an outstanding forum to exchange ideas, network with fellow spine professionals, and learn about the latest research and technologies in spine surgery.  More information
03. 06. — 04. 06. — Robotic day 2023
Number of participants: 500
Robotic Day is an international event for presentation and promotion of robotics. The event includes contests for robots prepared by the event participants, show of various robots and robot-oriented stuff. Come to check it out on Sunday 10 AM - 6 PM.  More information
10. 06. — 13. 06. — Events Club Forum 2023
Number of participants: 500
Events Club Forum is The Meet-up & Market Place for the Event Industry and the perfect mix between B2B, exhibition,and keynotes, using your time most effectively! Events Club Forum is the event for the event industry, the event where you meet professionals only, the event where you gain within just two days, most valuable business contacts.  More information
13. 06. — 17. 06. — Soe vision 2023 - European Society of Ophthalmology
Number of participants: 1200
A Multi-Specialty in-person meeting, delivering a world class scientific programme. Offering symposia, YO sessions, workshops, live surgery, debates, mystery cases and updates on all topics
22. 06. — 25. 06. — World Dance Contest 2023
Number of participants: 650
International dance competition for children and young dancers from all countries of the world. All possible styles of dance such as Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Show Dance, Free Dance, National and Folk Dance, Hip Hop, Tap Dance, Song and Dance. Four different age groups in the categories of solo, duet, trio, group dance. Participation is open to students of dance schools and clubs who have qualified through their country s national dance competition. The best ones will of course receive awards, but the most important thing is the joy of dancing together.  More information
16. 07. — Buddy Guy
Number of participants: 1777
Buddy Guy, the legendary 86-year-old blues guitarist, singer and one of the most influential musicians in history, will perform as part of the Damn Right Farewell tour on July 16 at the Prague Congress Center. At the concert, he will play the most famous songs from his entire rich career, as well as from the new album The Blues Don t Lie, which was released this September and is again nominated for a Grammy. In front of Buddy Guy, who is still in great form and with the usual dose of showmanship, his long-time collaborator, composer and producer Tom Hambridge will appear before Buddy Guy. Tickets are available in the Ticketportal network from December 9, 10 a.m. The concert is organized by the Liver Music agency as part of the Bluesfest.  Tickets and more information
27. 07. — 28. 07. — Expodia - Innovative Digital Expo 2022
Number of participants: 1000
Expodia - Innovative Digital Expo 2022 - flagship event of the Expodia agency in Prague 2022 has on board the prominent PR and marketing campaigns specialist, such as Konektor Social, bpv BRAUN PARTNERS, that provides a bridge between events and visitors - focusing on the digital world, as well, highly recommended catering partner - Zátiší Catering, that takes care of the most prominent food experiences for our guests. Least and not last - our event takes place in the Prague Congress Centre- highly experienced and qualitative venue, easy to access from Prague Airport by private or public transportation.  More information
04. 09. — BILL BURR Live
Number of participants: 2500
From the scenes of The Mandalorian to Prague: the American stand-up phenomenon Bill Burr returns. In the most recent standup, Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks, he is as usual uncompromising and straight to the point: feminism, covid, cancel culture... He is not afraid to use strong words about the fact that things are not black and white and draw attention to the ambivalence of our quick judgments. Do you often hear words about a divided society? Burr is not afraid to unravel the paradoxes of such a label and, among other things, indirectly asks: Could a man who performs in a cotton hooded T-shirt ultimately unite us?  Tickets here
05. 09. — 09. 09. — World Molecular Imaging Congress
Number of participants: 1500
The World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) is organized by the World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIS) and is led by senior academic and industry professionals who have widely recognized expertise in molecular imaging.  More information
18. 09. — 21. 09. — Food Bioactives & Health 2023
Number of participants: 400
Food Bioactives & Health 2023 will present the latest research results in the field of food bioactives such as (poly)phenols, glucosinolates, carotenoids, peptides, (poly)carbohydrates, lipids and other beneficial food components, but also contaminants and toxins in food. Contributions to the development of functional foods and dietary supplements, nutrition policy, personalised nutrition and bioavailability.  More information
27. 09. — 06. 10. — World Road Congress 2023
Number of participants: 5000
Since its inception, the World Road Association has been at the forefront of bringing together representatives of road associations, specialists and experts from around the world. At its congresses, it promotes the exchange of knowledge, experience and the strengthening of links between its diverse membership groups.Prague 2023 – Together on the road again.  More information
08. 10. — Eckhart Tolle
Number of participants: 2700
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet Eckhart Toll, who will guide you to spiritual awakening and transformation of consciousness. With his characteristic warmth, humor and compassion, Eckhart will move us to experience the joy of being - in a state of ease, lightness and inner peace found only in the stillness of the present moment.  Tickets here
01. 11. — Karel Černoch 80
Number of participants: 1777
A celebration of the late 80th birthday of the Czech music composer, guitarist, singer and actor Karel Černoch. Names such as B-Side Band, Tereza Černochová, Michal Prokop, Ondřej Ruml, Matěj Ruppert, Peter Lipa, Marie Rottrová, Bára Basiková or Leona Machálková will perform at the concert.  Tickets here
12. 11. — Ludovico Einaudi
Number of participants: 1775
Ludovico Einaudi, Italian pianist, composer, author of music for a number of films such as Samba and The Untouchables, returns to Prague after two sold-out concerts. The musician, who pushed the boundaries of genres with his approach and is one of the most popular and streamed composers today, will perform on 12th of November 2023 at the Congress Center Prague.  Tickets here
07. 12. — The Iluzionist Chris Stark and his show Pretender
Number of participants: 1775
Chris Stark will perform in Prague with the performance Magic Show PRETENDER, full of spectacular and unbelievable illusions, which, combined with his charisma, will amaze the audience all over the world. Chris is a true phenomenon in the field of illusions, as evidenced by his reputation as a master of manipulation. His modern approach and magical speaking make his performances a unique experience for every viewer. The Magic Show PRETENDER is the story of the adventure of a young man in search of his true SELF. The experience is enriched by music and ballet, which together create a perfect and unforgettable show for the whole family. Get ready for an amazing show full of innovative magic and effects, unforgettable illusions, inexplicable disappearances, unique teleportations and mind reading.  Tickets here
12. 01. — Game of Thrones & the best epic film music
Number of participants: 1777
Accommodation is available in the hotel Holiday Inn
Film music stars in Prague again! This time with the Game of Thrones performance. The Royal Film Concert Orchestra is back! This time, on January 12, 2024, the audience will be transported to dragons and ancient wars in the Congress Center, during the performance of the repertoire of the famous TV series. Game of Thrones and the best music from epic cinema. The performance will excite not only fans of this saga, but also adults and children. The concert is in collaboration with the Dvořák Symphony Orchestra.  Tickets
17. 03. — The Dire Straits Experience /UK/
Number of participants: 1777
Accommodation is available in the hotel Holiday Inn
Almost half a century has passed since the founding of the famous British band The Dire Straits. The first big hit Sultans of Swing flew around the globe at the time and took the first places in the world charts. In the 1980s, other cult songs such as Money for nothing, Calling Elvis, Walk of Life and others followed. Dire Straits songs were among the most popular on MTV, which was the first to map the world music scene in the 1980s. The Dire Straits Experience, the group s successors after the departure of Mark Knopfler, is heading to Prague. The band s frontman is guitarist and singer Terence Rais, who is stylistically very similar to Knopfler. The line-up consists of Grammy award-winning saxophonist Chris White, Chris Whitten on drums, and Simon Carter on keyboards. During all their visits to the Czech Republic, they won fans and proved that they can play the band s cult songs in an absolutely excellent way.  Tickets here
07. 11. — EMCC Czechia & Slovakia 2024
Number of participants: 130
Accommodation is available in the hotel Holiday Inn
EMCC Česká Republika 2024 
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