Exhibitions As An Important Part of Congresses

Exhibitions As An Important Part of Congresses

Exhibitions are an important and essential part of many congresses and professional events. Petr Škarka, the CEO of EXPOSALE, knows very well the importance of exhibitions at these events. "It is a space where business interests are connected, news is presented and relationships are built. The importance of exhibiting can vary depending on the specific situation and the objectives of the participants.

Congress is designed for a purely professional audience, so despite the much higher cost to exhibitors for exhibition space, this format of presentation is still in high demand. This is because it can reach a very specific target group of potential and existing clients attending a given professional congress. This effect cannot be achieved at a trade fair at a lower cost," he says.
How to create a stand that will be seen among others?
That's a good question that I can't answer with just one sentence. After all, creating a stand that will be seen by others is one of the main aspects of successful participation in an exhibition. There are several important steps that can help.
In our company, we create stands that must catch the eye of visitors at first sight. The stand presentation should be attractive and unique. Of course, it depends on what kind of event it is. Is it a trade fair for the general public? A smaller exhibition? A congress? In our company we use high quality graphics, lighting and colours to attract attention. A clear and attractive design is definitely the key to making a client's stand be visible.
You also need to consider with your clients in advance what makes their business unique and display those products or services. Always keep in mind that less can be more and an overly crowded booth can put visitors off.
In summary, creating a stand that stands out amongst the rest depends on a combination of good and imaginative design, effective communication and creativity. It is also important that the stand reflects the identity and values of the company.
What are the current trends in the exhibition industry?
The exhibition industry is a field that is constantly evolving and changing in response to new technologies, changes in visitor behaviour and design trends. Again, the format of the booth depends on the format of the exhibition. In general, modern exhibition concepts emphasise a well thought-out, imaginative and clear graphic design. If I were to mention a few current trends in the exhibition industry, they would be:
Digital technology. Interactive elements and digital technologies are increasingly important. This includes the use of touch screens, virtual reality, augmented reality and mobile apps to engage visitors and provide information.
Sustainability. The exhibition industry is increasingly focused on sustainability. The use of recyclable materials, reducing the energy consumption of stands and promoting green practices are important trends.
Flexibility. Modular stands make it easy to adapt the stand to different events and space constraints. This trend allows companies to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
Visitor experience. Creating a memorable experience for visitors is increasingly important. This includes interactive presentations, fun activities and the inclusion of challenge elements.
Online and offline connectivity. The exhibition industry is becoming more intertwined with the online world. Companies often create digital versions of their stands and activities for those who cannot be physically present at the show. Online marketing and social media are also playing an increasingly important role in promoting participation in exhibitions.
Personalisation. Personalised communications and commercial offers to visitors is on the rise. Companies are looking to better understand their customers' needs and provide them with relevant information and experiences.
Creative design. Original and creative stand design is still key to attracting attention. Many companies are trying to create stands that are visually appealing.
These trends can be a challenge but also an opportunity for companies participating in exhibitions. It is important to be open to innovation and flexible in adapting your approach based on current needs and trends in the exhibition industry.
Does it depend on the theme of the congress or can the stand be prepared in the same way for all types of events?
The theme of a congress or exhibition certainly plays an important role in the preparation of a stand. Each congress or event may have its own focus, target group and atmosphere and the client's presentation should correspond as closely as possible to these specifics. That said, there is no one-size-fits-all stand template that works for all types of events.
There will certainly be a difference in the design of the stand at a pharmaceutical congress with a dental focus, where a large number of products from implants to medical equipment need to be exhibited and presented compared to the recent World Transport Infrastructure Congress, where virtually no exhibitor physically presented any of their products and everything "played out" through audiovisual presentations and large print presentations.
What to consider when preparing a stand?
The theme and target group of the event. Who are the visitors of the congress or exhibition and what is the main purpose of the event is decisive. The stand should be designed to appeal to this target group and reflect the theme of the event.
Visual style: The colours, graphics and design of the stand should be in line with the theme and atmosphere of the event. This may include the use of specific colours or graphics associated with the theme.
Products and services: If you offer different products or services, you can adjust the booth presentation to more emphasize those that are relevant to the event.
Interactivity: For some events, it may be appropriate to include more interactive elements in the booth, while others may require a more formal and informative presentation.
Message: the way you communicate with visitors should be tailored to their expectations and needs for the specific congress or exhibition.
Visitor experience: strive to create a stand that provides visitors with a memorable experience and reflects the uniqueness of the event.

Overall, flexibility and the ability to adapt to specific needs and themes are key to successful participation in different types of events. The stand presentation should be in line with the specific requirements of each congress or exhibition.
Does the size of the exhibition play a role?
 The size of your stand can play a role in attracting attention at an exhibition but more important is how effectively you use the space available and how you present your company, products or services. A smaller stand can be just as successful as a large one if it is properly designed and thought out.
We definitely have to take into account:
• The purpose of the exhibition stand. If you just want to get in touch with potential customers and convey basic information, a smaller booth may suffice. However, if you plan to make presentations or demonstrate products, a larger space may be benefi cial.
• Efficient use of space.
• Quality of design. Any stand, regardless of size, should have a professional and attractive design. A well thought out design can make a stand attract more attention.
• Creativity and interactivity.
• Focus on quality, not quantity. Instead of trying to create a large stand with lots of content, focus on quality presentation and the message. Less can be more if done well.
• Quality staff. Regardless of the size of your stand, it is crucial to have qualified staff that can effectively interact with visitors and represent your business.
Overall, the size of the exhibition is important but the quality of design, presentation and interaction with visitors are crucial factors for a successful participation in the exhibition. A smaller stand can be very successful if it is well thought out and tailored to our client's goals and needs.

You have experience with many spaces. How do you prepare the stands for the PCC?
With 30 years of experience in the exhibition industry we are able to compare exhibition spaces from all over the world. And if we focus on the exhibition spaces here at the PCC with which we are a contractual partner, we can clearly say that they are among the most original and at the same time the most idiosyncratic.
For the organisers this represents a real challenge. They have to deal with many atypical factors when planning and designing exhibition spaces. Unlike traditional exhibition halls, in which we also hold congresses, there is perhaps not a single right angle here. We can encounter different heights above the stands, permanent obstacles in the form of different types of staircases, design elements and glass walls that affect the layout of the displays.
Although these atypical factors can be seen as complications, they are also a source of inspiration and creativity for our experienced exhibition designers. It is the experience and creativity of these designers that allows us to create very interesting and unique exhibition spaces. Every exhibitor at the PCC has the opportunity to take advantage of this unconventionality and create an environment that is significantly different from standard exhibition spaces.
This unusualness of space at the PCC offers exhibitors the opportunity to stand out, whether through creative placement of displays, original design or interactive elements that will engage visitors and leave a lasting impression. This original design and creative layout could be seen at the International Transport Infrastructure Congress.

The PCC thus becomes a place where technical expertise and exceptional design intertwine and where exhibiting is more than just presenting, it becomes an experience and inspiration for all participants who attend congresses at this venue.


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