Ludovico Einaudi Again in The PCC

Ludovico Einaudi Again in The PCC

Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi sold out his Prague concert for the third time. In mid November, this artist performed at the Prague Congress Centre after seven years and his concert was again viewed by a sold-out hall.

During the concert, Ludovico Einaudi presented his latest albums Underwater and Music of Care. He received the prestigious Opus Klassik Award for Underwater. The composition was made during the COVID lockdown, which influenced it greatly: "The incredible silence that surrounded me helped me to concentrate more effectively. My head "cleared" of everyday worries. I didn't have to meet any deadlines, and it helped me feel like I was 18 again, when my future wasn't clear yet and I was making music just for fun," commented the composer, who performs in Prague repeatedly.
 "There is a great interest in his concerts in the Czech Republic and he has his loyal fans here - they are one of the main reasons why he likes to come back to Prague for concerts," said Michaela Beránková from the organizing agency Charmenko Czechia, who confirmed that Prague is doing very well as a destination. "It is not easy to get these concerts for Prague. The concert is preceded by months of negotiations with the artist. Fortunately, Prague is in a great location right in the middle of Europe, so it is a frequent stop for many artists during European tours," explains Michaela Beránková.
 The PCC was chosen again for the Ludovico Einaudi concert. "This is one of the few venues that offers such a large seating capacity. And compared to arenas, it is a much nicer and more suitable space for the type of intimate music that Ludovico Einaudi creates," says Michaela Beránková.
The organizing agency is extremely satisfied with the facilities offered by the PCC. "The hall is fully sufficient in terms of technical requirements. It offers good acoustics, comfortable seating and plenty of space for the audience. The PCC also has excellent facilities for the artist and all the people involved in the concert. The foyer, on the other hand, offers comfortable spaces with a beautiful view of Prague, which is appreciated especially by visitors," adds Michaela Beránková.

The Italian pianist was born in Turin but studied music composition at the Verdi Conservatory in Milan. He describes himself as a minimalist. Minimalism was originally an artistic movement that spread in sculpture and painting, later making its way into other artistic disciplines. Rhythm, repetition and tectonic static play a central role in minimalist compositions. This music gives the listener an unchanging monotonous impression.
Ludovico Einaudi's compositions have also appeared in many films and television programmes. For example, Oltremare, Golden Butterflies, Petricor, Divenire and Low Mist are featured in the Oscar-winning 2020 film Land of the Nomads. Other songs by Einaudi have appeared in some episodes of Top Gear.


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