Admin 2023-11-23

Exhibitions As An Important Part of Congresses

Exhibitions are an important and essential part of many congresses and professional events. Petr Škarka, the CEO of EXPOSALE, knows very well the importance of exhibitions at these events. "It is a space where business interests are connected, news is presented and relationships are built. The importance of exhibiting can vary depending on the specific situation and the objectives of the participants.

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Admin 2023-11-20

We Have Invested Into Energy Savings

He was a member of the Board of Directors and CEO, and now Pavel Habarta is the Technical Director of the PCC. The building has undergone significant renovations in recent years, with more to come. Investments in energy-saving technologies, including the installation of solar panels, have been essential.

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Admin 2022-11-23

We Brought World Experts to Prague

The organizing team spent a year and a half preparing the conference focusing on digital topics. Included was also Jan Míča, Head of the European Digital Agenda Department. "It's definitely a great experience and the organising team is not going to be thrown off balance easily," he says.

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